The Glue that Binds

It is glue that binds, that keeps everything together. All she had to do was find out what would bind this group of disparate people together: the woman who no longer believed in the good of humankind; the man who wished to aggressively attack anyone who approached their group; the child who could not stop crying over the horror of seeing his parents murdered in front of him; the couple who claimed they believed in no religion and no sharing of sources. One thing they all had in common, though, was that they had survived the onslaught of the warriors: they had survived the brutality and the massacre. Now all they had to do was survive the aftermath. She had never before wanted to lead, to be responsible for the actions of others. But now things were different. Now she was the only one here, in this gloomy shelter, that truly believed that they could survive – and survive together. She was going to have to convince these people that their chances of survival was better than if they were alone. She was going to have to be the glue that binds; the one person that would create a tribe.

5-minute-friday-1Have you known a person that binds?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Glue)

14 thoughts on “The Glue that Binds

  1. Powerful words Colline! It makes me ponder the circumstances of those around me, and what tribe is waiting to be formed out of our common circumstances, location, or some other thread. I’m visiting from Five Minute Friday – nice to meet you!


    1. Welcome Holly 🙂
      We do not realsie it sometimes but it is often that one person that keeps a group together – whether it is family, a church group, or even a group of people fighting for the good of others.


  2. Just looking around and these few lines grabbed me.
    A great plot and I wanted to know more, you hooked me.
    You must write more, tell me how it all turns out.
    I will have sleepless nights bound by the glue of curiosity.
    You hooked me, please give me the punch line finish it off with a knockout blow.


      1. I do not read a lot of fiction as most is not uplifting but there are exceptions.
        I think your writing will be an exception.
        It has to be will written enticing me on as the ‘ The Glue That Binds,” started.
        It then needs to be alive with some sparks I can empathise with.
        Books like ” The Green Mile”. or ” Shawshank Redemption.” Stephen King.
        The other type of books I like are “Mindful Eating Mindful Life.” and ” Peace in Every Step”. The books we read say a lot about us.


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