Never Say Never

I told told him I would never do this! It went against my beliefs – and definitely put me out of my comfort zone. Ever since I began to about these issues, I believed that women should be admired for who they are – as God made them. I believed that women should be admired for their intelligence, and that they should get what they deserve based on their merit. Up to now I have lived out my beliefs. I have refused to dress in any way that encourages manly attentions. I have not flirted to get ahead. And I have definitely not made myself seem less intelligent to make others more comfortable!

And yet here I am. In this glittering room. Dressed in heels and a non-dress (I don’t know what else to call it!). Attempting to participate in small talk. I look desperately at Brandon, my eyes beseeching him to take me away from the old bore that has attached himself to me. Brandon just smiles and gives me a small thumbs up. How did I ever let him talk me into this?

Brandon. My saviour in this sea of unknown social expectation. Who would have known that my research and subsequent book would become the much-loved TV of the year? I never elected this fame – and certainly not the responsibility to promote the work of my team. And that is where Brandon swept me in. There is not much I would not do for the team who has been with me from the beginning. It is not only I who have benefited from our research being feted: Melinda and her family have been able to buy a home in a good neighbourhood, Dan has been able to hospitalize his mom who has Alzheimer’s, Betsy and Ian have been able to marry – finally! I do this for them – for the group of people who have become my family.

I nod and smile politely at the old gentleman at my side. I have certainly learned my lesson. Never say never as you never know what life may throw at you!

What have you done that you thought you would never do?

A-Z blogging challenge© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by the A – Z Challenge hosted by Frizz. This week N has been tagged)


20 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. This reminds me of an analogy of being swept out to sea by a strong current. You fight against it, and you will probably drown. You go with it, stay afloat, and the chances are you will be carried in a wide circle onto another beach.


    1. I like this analogy colonialist. It suggests that there are times when you have to follow what is expected of you. And in the process, you may even learn a little about life and yourself.


  2. on the other hand, dear Colline, it can be a fine triumph, if you said NEVER – and if you can resist changing your statement, though everyone thought, you are forced by hell and all devils to do so…


  3. I think we are often at our best when we are doing something for others, even if we move beyond our comfort zones; while the social chitchat and fancy dress were uncomfortable, you were brought there, not only by Brandon, by your desire to help “the team” that was “your family.” Sometimes we have to reach an uneasy peace between the two.


  4. reading your title, I thought your post was about a James Bond movie… 🙂 yep, the future is never predictable, we have no certitude in life, except one: the common end… meanwhile: carpe diem et gaudeamus igitur! – live this very day(moment) and therefore, let’s enjoy it! 🙂


  5. I have tried to “train” myself to avoid using “Never” … one might have to eat those words quicker than the words are said. Another I am working on is … “I hate…” (this or that) … it is such a strong word when “dislike” is more accurate.


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