Unused Playground

Slowly the snow and ice are melting where I live. We have a day  of temperatures hovering around zero then it drops again – which leads to more ice. The slippery conditions have led to the school playground being closed for many weeks – no more sliding and playing in the playground until the ice has melted and the water has dried up.

Unused Playground. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2014
Unused Playground. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

I took this photo during week and posted it on Instagram (yes, I joined a few days ago). I like how it looks like a photo from another time.

Are you on Instagram?

(This photo was inspired by Paula’s Black and White Sunday)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014


45 thoughts on “Unused Playground

  1. Sad. The kids need to get out and run!
    I like the look of that photo and yes it looks like something from my childhood – another time. 😉
    I do have an Instagram account but haven’t used it in forever.


  2. I have a feeling it will not stay unused for much longer. Colline, I really like the shot and feeling you’ve created. Thank you very much for this contribution 🙂 What can you tell me about instagram?


    1. We are hoping that we are able to use it soon. It is sad to look out on an empty playground without the voices of children to make it a happy place.
      I decided to give Instagram a try as I like some of the effects you can create with photos you take with a mobile device. I will use it a little more to see whether I like it.


      1. Oh, that’s what it is for 🙂 I use my dslr 99,9% of the time so it is not for me. Hey, I am still waiting for the story you promised (based on my monk in the alley pic :D)


        1. I do not have a camera such as yours 😦
          Thanks for the reminder Paula. I have now done what I should have when I saw the photo – created a draft post ready for when I can work on it 🙂


  3. My phone isn’t very smart! Which is too bad as my camera isn’t working either. The phone will take pictures, but when I tried to download, it wanted up upload all my photos, lol.
    I like the retro look of the playground! I hope Spring arrives soon so it won’t feel so alone. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to more Instagram pix!


  4. Oh it does look sad all deserted like that 😦 Colline . Wishing more of a thaw for you very soon .
    No Instagram here either …


  5. B&W photo – interesting. This winter has been brutal, hasn’t it? It seems to want to hang on indefinitely. Usually folks are talking about the approaching spring. Not this year. It is as if we have all accepted that an indefinite winter is inevitable.

    It would be great if the children could get out to those climbers soon. They must miss them.


    1. They do Darlene. Each day they ask if they can go outside and my response is that it is too slippery. I cannot wait for some rain to help melt the ice, and some strong sun to dry away the puddles!


          1. Yes, silly me. Of course they are beyond the lure of the park. They are young ladies now!I was thinking back to another time, I think. Where did you walk. We too have been out walking. We love to get out and walk! The trails and park here are still too wet to travel by foot on, but the sidewalks are dry enough in most places. We just try to avoid the puddles!


  6. This is one stunning shot Colline and love the Black and White! To answer your question … no, I am not on Instagram because I don’t use my phone that often. Great post. 😀


        1. I don’t blame you. I have been taking some pictures with my iPad mini (I do not own a mobile phone). I take pictures in my class as part of my record keeping. It is handy to have the device on hand – and I can easily convert the pics to Instagram.


          1. Oh, believe me … if I had an iPad or something like that I would enjoy playing with it as well. Why I don’t play around on my cellphone is because the text and everything else is too small and I hate typing on it. 😀


    1. This winter has been hard. It began with an ice storm, it had many below minus 20 days, and the ice is taking a long time to melt. When they can play in the playground again, happiness will abound.


  7. I’ve never seen a playground covered in snow either. Brrrr and poor kids being trapped inside all the time. Great photo though.


    1. Covered in snow is okay – they still go out and play. The problem this year has been the ice – when it is slippery we cannot take them out as they may fall and injure themselves.


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