Film Review: Son of God

I am always surprised when an obviously Christian film comes out on the cinema circuit. The films that one expects to see on circuit these days are filled with plenty of action, vampires, and societies which may exist in the future. In other words, one expects to see films that will draw crowds and make plenty of money.

When I heard of the film Son of God, I knew the story would be about Jesus and a part of his life. I had a look at the trailer to decide whether or not I should pay to see it and saw that the film focused on the last years of Jesus’ life. The video clip suggested a film containing beautiful panoramic shots, and a link to the events as described in the Bible.

I went to the cinema to watch the film knowing the story. However the way in which the story was filmed touched an emotional chord in my heart: there were many times in the movie when I had to reach for my tissue to wipe the tears from my eyes. Many of Jesus’ words came from the Gospels in the Bible. However, they were sown seamlessly into the story.

The story is told through the voice of John, the disciple of Jesus who lived the longest. He tells of the time when he became a follower of Jesus until the time of the Crucifixion. The film fills in many blanks that are left out in the Bible: the political manoeuvres made by the Sanhedrin, for example.  We are given a glimpse into the personalities of Pontius Pilate as well as Thomas and Judas. The way in which the people during the biblical times lived under Roman rule is also suggested by the way the many are treated under the authority of the Roman prefect.

I enjoyed the scenes laid out before me as I watched the film. The cinematography and the way in which the characters were portrayed literally brought tears to my eyes. The machinations of the Temple’s high priest and the coldness of Pontius Pilate is well played. When my children are old enough, this is one film I will introduce them to. (The age restriction for the film is 14).

Do you enjoy watching Biblical films?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

20 thoughts on “Film Review: Son of God

  1. Thanks for the review. Some films haven’t “handled” the story well, and it’s nice to read that a good job was done, keeping a real feeling for the time period, people involved, Jesus’ words and the story.


    1. They were true to Jesus’ life and story – as well as remaining true to the period. The people who made this film were the same who made the TV mini-series titles The Bible and they used the expertise of biblical scholars in the making.


      1. I have heard good things about the series “The Bible;” using biblical scholars would help keep the story grounded and be a more true rendition to the gospels.


  2. I will see this film, like I have others, but won’t be rushing to a cinema to do so, Colline. I’ll see once it makes it onto cable. Although I’ve enjoyed some of them, I’ll save my entertainment dollars for sci-fi. 🙂


  3. how timely is this! i was supposed to be joining some friends this afternoon to see this, however the final remnants of the flu has kept me at home. it was good to see the trailer.
    i have enjoyed a number of Bible films, including ‘The Bible’ series on TV which was by the same producers.
    one of my favourite of such films is the Gospel of Matthew, starring Bruce Marchiano as Jesus. it actually covers every verse, including the genealogy that Matthew details. but after the first few minutes, it is a well-done narrative, showing Jesus as a real person, with a sense of humour, passion for life, compassion for the suffering. it’s a long one, but great for a rainy afternoon when you have no other plans 🙂


  4. Was there once a previous movie called Son of God ? I feel I have seen it before.
    Sometimes I think the bible stories can get carried away, as each event can be made to unfold the way the producer wants to view the event.
    Modernising Biblical days must be quite tricky and needing much Religious advice.
    I will pass on this movie.
    Good review though Colline


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