Remembering John Lennon

When my mom was a teenager, she listened to the popular music of  The Beatles:


When I was a teenager, I spent many hours listening to the music of John Lennon – a former member of The Beatles. I loved the ballad Starting Over:


I listened to the beautiful words of Imagine over and over again, often singing along:


And the song Beautiful Boy, I have come to understand even more now that I am parent:


I was one of the many who was saddened on hearing of John Lennon’s senseless murder. The life of a talented musician was snuffed away on a whim. To this day, however, I enjoy listening to his music.

Do you enjoy the music of John Lennon?

(This post was inspired by The A – Z challenge hosted by Frizz)



28 thoughts on “Remembering John Lennon

  1. I was very young during the beginning of the Beatles craze…but loved, loved, loved their music always…it was the strangest experience, but on a family car ride, we all spontaneously broke out singing “Hey Jude”…


    1. I have many memories singing Beatles songs. As my parents were fans, we grew up listening to their records (yes 🙂 ) and singing their songs. Even today I often play some of their music. The songs are certainly classics.


  2. The Beatles were not the best example of a “good ” musical group because they broke away from the old traditional group songs and ways of singing. They became so popular at the end that the “old fashioned” older people agreed that they were really good and were not going to give up the way to sing the songs. Today their songs are still popular


  3. I loved the Beatles, but wasn’t allowed to listen to them when I was a teenager. Pop music wasn’t aired in our house. 😦 Yes, I was so shocked at the senseless assassination of John Lennon, and often play some of his songs on my piano.


  4. Back in the 60’s, every girl I knew loved Paul. I loved John. I remember where I was, where I stood, who delivered the sad news, and how I felt, the day John was murdered. I couldn’t have felt any sadder.
    I enjoy listening to the Beatles, as a group and as solo artists. The ring tone on my phone for when my son calls is Beautiful Boy. And he is. 🙂
    Thanks for this post. And thanks for the memories, as Bob Hope said. 😉


  5. thank you, Colline, for “Remembering John Lennon” – he wasn’t only a musician, he was a kind of philosopher, politician, agitator for social change too… (together with Yoko Ono) – of course I often enjoyed playing many of his sometimes very ironic songs too …


  6. I missed out on a lot of the new age music and fun of those years Colline, I was involved in the Vietnam war at a young age, the music that I recall was based on a mixture of anti war protest songs and Joan Baez type songs.
    I missed out on the free love era, but at least we have one thing in common, John Lennon left a legacy promoting peace.


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