Are you Willing?

Five Minute Friday: RealAre you willing?

To get out of bed each morning and face the world with a smile,

To follow your daily routine without complaint,

To do your best even though all you are doing is making dinner.

Are you willing?

To hold the door open for a stranger,

To help an old woman cross an icy patch,

To look at an exhausted mother with no judgement.

Are you willing?

To do more than is asked of you,

To give love where it is needed,

To give comfort in times of distress.

Are you willing?

To help others without being asked,

To be your neighbour’s brother or sister,

To be what God has asked you to be.

Are you willing?

What actions do you take to show your willingness?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inpsired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Willing)


30 thoughts on “Are you Willing?

  1. Share a smile with a stranger, share a spiritual hug of love from His spirit that lives within me, offer a kind word, help those in need, share a piece of my time to those whom I do not know, hoping they will feel a blessing being recognized in their day. Sharing not wanting or expecting anything in return, for my blessing always comes to me when I awaken in the morning with a smile, knowing He is always with me, and empowers me to emulate the living examples he shared in his life with others. Colline, your words are a sweet blessing which changes the complexion of the day for many…thanks for the smile my sister and always for the blessing of your visits! Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


    1. Your words Wendell resonate within me as you express what I feel. And what a blessing it is when a friend, colleague, or stranger responds to you in a positive way and brings into your life a smile, a kind word, or a helping hand.


  2. so beautiful dear Colline… I love the message of this beautiful poem, but to be honest, I am afraid to ask this question even to myself…. In this geography and in this situation of political days I am not happy… silent, nervious, worrying,….so on! you know I hate to talk about politics and to be in political matters… but this is the reality for now and maybe for our future too. There is election the end of this month and will show us, what our people want!!!!! I pray people to find the right way, if this election brings the current goverment as (again) winner, nothing can stop them anymore…. We are just between democracy and dictatory… Otherwise I am willing so many things, so many things… Love, nia


    1. I can only hope that your people choose he government that will bring people peace of mind. In the meantime Nia! I wish you to find joy and peace in your daily life and activities.


  3. Well, I can tick a few boxes, Colline, but I fall short in a few too (grumbling under my breathe at doing housework/cooking is one of my lesser sins). Must try harder. Thanks for the nudge 🙂


  4. I loved all of thee Colline though I will pass on the last…being the atheist that I am. But I am still trying to be a good person…hehehe…very trying my kids tell me.


    1. Even atheists have a sense of what type of person they want to be. Helping others in the community is always a good thing – even though the kids find it trying 🙂


      1. It is nice to hear that atheists can be nice. I get a lot of the other !!! Some really consider me evil for not believing. Others think I am self indulgent and therefore can’t be good, while others actually tell me how stupid I am and that means I can’t be ‘good’ on any level.


        1. I believe it is important to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs. We are given the opportunity to make choices in our lives and we need to accept that others will not always make the choices we do. I have known good people who do not have the same religious beliefs as me – and I have learnt from them. It is our differences that make this world interesting.


  5. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I am going to print this and place it by my bedside table to read each morning. Reminders that although I feel I’m not contributing much just now, contributing at least good will toward others and lending a helping hand is actually making a positive difference in the world.


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