A Sign of Spring

The children enter the kindergarten playground squealing with delight. The snow is falling gently, covering the icy layers formed during the winter. Five year olds roll in the snow, create structures, and breathe in the crisp cold air.

“Madam! Madam! Look what I found.”

A snow-encased mitten holds out a sliver of green, its colour standing out brightly against the white.

“We found it against the wall. Come and look.”

I go to investigate the blades of grass that are growing sheltered next to the school building. It is a sign of hope. Yet another suggestion that Spring is on its way, no matter what Old Man Winter may suggest. We have heard birds sing in the playground. Our door opens just a little more against the swollen tarmac. Now I wait for the leaves on the trees to begin budding.

What signs of Spring have you seen?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014


30 thoughts on “A Sign of Spring

  1. The days are getting longer and my grandchildren are going to school in the light until day light savings times began and they will then be going to school in the dark again. A sign that spring is on its way. YEA!



  2. Other than more daylight, there has yet to be any signs of spring in my neck of the woods. Continual snow and freezing temperatures has put spring on hold. Even tapping trees for sap to make maple syrup is delayed.
    I am not giving up. Each day I search for clues that winter is close to an end.


    1. Especially this winter Madhu. The ice and snow began in November last year – and yesterday we had a new sprinkling of snow over the ice. We are waiting rather impatiently for warmer weather.


  3. We are still encased in snow with squalls now and then plus bitter cold temps expected once again tonight ( well no longer expected, they arrived this afternoon!). Yes, we have more daylight and I did hear birds singing in the courtyard outside my room at work. But until the temperatures rise, I will hold onto eternal hope!


    1. I know how you feel! Today the temperatures have dropped – and it is snowing again. Sigh! I think everyone will celebrate once spring takes hold. I wish she would be more assertive 🙂


  4. The cardinals have returned to stake out their territories, Colline. Though they can be seen all winter long, it’s only the last couple weeks that they started their calls. Now it’s time for the weather gods to listen to them and speed things along. 🙂


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