A Time and Place Scenario

Source: We Heart It
Source: We Heart It

My mind feels fuzzy. Shaking my head, I try to remember what I had been doing and how I landed up in this silent street. The snow is falling gently on my uncovered head: soft flurries that muffle the surrounding sounds. Feeling a little dazed, I focus on the figure ahead of me. A young woman holding a multi-coloured umbrella. Surely she saw something?

“Hey, wait up!”

She continues walking away, minding her own business. I shuffle forward, feeling a sense of urgency. Why will my feet not listen to what my brain is telling them to do?

“Wait! Help me. Please.”

My voice is not loud enough. She walks on. Unconcerned and oblivious to my confusion. I lean against the wall, hoping the dizziness I feel will pass. My body surrenders and I fall to the ground, sliding against the wall.

The world becomes black for a while as I pass out. Consciousness returns with the slamming of a door. The sound of crunching gravel comes near and I focus on a pair of men’s shoes matched with dress pants.

“Are you alight mister?”

I am unable to reply.

“Shit! Esther! Call 911. This man is bleeding!”

fwf kellie elmore badge(This piece of free writing was inspired by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday Time and Place Scenario prompt)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014


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