House of Cards

My husband and I joined Netflix a little over a year ago as we were bored with the offerings on Cable: reruns and reality shows dominated prime time television and we were always searching for something worthwhile to watch.

One of the First TV shows we watched was House of Cards. We loved it: the political intrigue, the drama, the tension. Kevin Spacey plays his role so well as does Robin Wright, the woman who plays opposite him. We were kept on the edge of our seats as the characters, Francis and Claire Underwood, worked towards their political goals and extracted their revenge on people who had reneged on their promises. Unexpected twists and turns kept us interested as the husband and wife team let nothing get in the way of their ambitions.

A few months after we had watched Season 1, I was not surprised to learn that this political drama had been nominated for nine Emmy Awards. The series won the Emmy for best director (David Fincher). The Emmy was not the only award the series won after its first season: Robin Wright won the Golden Globe for best actress from among four nominations.

My husband and I waited impatiently for Season 2 to air. Friday, 14 February was the day it appeared on Netflix for the first time. I am sure you can guess what we watched on the evening of Valentine’s Day!

We have spent the weekend watching Frank and Claire Underwood continue with their political machinations. Not once were we bored with the story. As with Season 1, we found it hard to switch off the television and go to bed. The story is enthralling, the script well-written, and the acting superb. I enjoy the side remarks Francis Underwood makes to us, the viewers – almost as if he is in a personal conversation with us. The story is linked to current American politics which makes the story more current. Fast-paced and realistic, my husband and I watched until the 13th episode ended.

Now we wait eagerly for Season 3.

Have you watched the TV show House of Cards?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014


45 thoughts on “House of Cards

  1. My husband and I are just getting through Season 1 of House of Cards. We watched the original British series some years ago, and I was curious to see about how it would translate to American politics. It translates very well indeed. The books, by Michael Dobbs, are a trilogy, and the BBC adapted each of the novels into a fantastic miniseries. I noticed that Dobbs is involved in the U.S. series, too, which may be why it updated and translated so well. Kevin Spacey is amazing as Francis.


  2. I’ve been watching eagerly myself, and I have to force myself to switch to something else because I want to watch the whole train wreck in one sitting. Have to admit, I’ve controlled myself, and I still have several more to watch . . . slowly. It’s a superb show!


    1. I have been the one slowing down my husband as I need my beauty sleep 🙂
      We intentionally chose a weekend in which to watch it so that we had afternoons too in which to turn in the telly.


  3. I signed up for Netflix a couple of months ago, for the very reasons you mentioned. And I’ve been hooked on various dramas that I had missed out on. House of Cards is in my queue, but I haven’t started watching it yet. But I love Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, so I’m eager to start!


  4. My oldest son and I are huge fans of the show. Like you, we no longer have cable for the same reasons (plus the cost). I have yet to watch the premier of Season 2 as Friday night was not in the cards (HA!) for us. Hope to see it later this weekend!


    1. We made the decision to watch this show together and I like that we wait for one another. Who says watching TV should be a solitary activity? Sometimes we get the kids to join us on the sofa and we watch a family movie.


  5. I saw the original British TV series. I strongly recommend that you try to watch it. You might think the American adaptation is better.
    You might say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment!


  6. Oh wow, Colline. I have not yet seen this series. Looks spectacular and exactly what I’d want to watch. Like you and your hubby, we are always looking for something good to watch. And, there is little to watch that is truly compelling and intelligent. You’ve piqued my interest. I’ll watch it tonight and let you know what I think. Judging from the comments of your followers, I imagine I’ll also find it compelling and difficult to turn off the telly!


  7. I’ve not caught the bug yet, Colline, although everyone who has swears by the show. I know that it’s only a matter of time before I do take the plunge and I predict I’ll binge watch it that weekend. 🙂


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