Tuesday Teaser: Fly Away Home

My neighbour was cleaning up her bookshelf and she passed on to me a couple of books that she no longer wanted. Among the pile was Fly Away Home by Marge Piercy. The story centres around Daria Walker, a woman who has been married for 22 years. She notices a change in her husband and suspects him of having an affair. The novel describes her emotions and the changes that occur in the way she sees her husband and herself.

“She felt like a servant waiting on him. She felt like Torte, crouching to catch his eye and wag a hopeful tail. However, if Torte succeeded in drawing his attention, he could count on being caught up and hugged, the warmth lavished on him that she used to enjoy. How long was it since he had paid half as much attention to her as to his dog? Then her pain would grow until she burst out questioning, asking, trying to touch him. He was still Ross, her husband; she was still the same wife she had been. It could not be so changed.” (p. 79, Ballantine Books, 1984)

The novel takes us on this woman’s journey – a journey that happens to so many who marry young. She comes to see the strength that she has within herself; and the knowledge that she is capable of making her own decisions and being responsible for her own happiness. I enjoyed reading this story and would recommend to any reader who enjoys reading novels that describe real life situations.

What are you reading this week?

(This post was inspired by Miz B’s Teaser Tuesdays. Head on over and discover more books to put on your To Read list)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014


20 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser: Fly Away Home

  1. I have just finished a book, “Mare al Mattino” (Sea In The Morning) by Margaret Mazzantini, (2011 Pavese award/ and Matteotti award)but of course in my own language, dear Colline. Thank you for this post, love, nia


    1. It does cover a range of issues. What I enjoyed in this book is that the protagonist grows in character as she comes to realize more of who she is and what personality traits she has suppressed during her marriage.


  2. Sounds like a good book, Colline. I’m reading a book out of a box of books my father gave me. It’s a medical thriller (“Shock” by Robin Cook), and a bit dated, but a fast ride. 🙂


    1. It did – though not one that you would expect.
      I agree with you on recycling books. There are so many people who love to read and cannot afford to buy there reading material. Passing books on is a great way to recycle, I think.


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