Day-To-Day Superheroes

Five Minute Friday: RealSuperman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk. Say the word superhero and these comic characters immediately spring to mind. Men with extraordinary powers who are able to save the world again and again …. and again. They always rise to the occasion, never fearing any obstacle and never letting the world down.

But who are the true superheroes in our lives?

These are the people who stand by your side no matter what: during good times and bad. They are the ones who hold your hand when you are in pain and who comfort you when you feel grief. Their encouragement and support are always nearby, ready to move you along towards your desired goal. Our day-to-day superheroes are the ones who save the day by picking up your children when you are unable to get to them on time; the ones who do your grocery shopping for you when ill; the ones who help you when your children are crying and you do not have enough hands to see to their needs. The day-to-day superheroes are the ones who see what your needs are and help salvage the situation.

Does the world need saving by those with superhero powers? Probably. Do we need to wait for the Marvel fantasy to become a reality? I don’t believe so. Look around and you will see many men, women and children who are saving the day for those they are in contact with.

Who is your day-to-day superhero?

(This post was inspired by this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt: Hero)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

28 thoughts on “Day-To-Day Superheroes

  1. I love this, Colline. There really are so many everyday superheroes out and about in the world. Sometimes it’s a stranger who helps out by opening a door when my hands are full. Sometimes it’s a loved one who is always there when I need him or her, or a good friend who knows when to listen and when to shake me up with good advice.

    Wonderful post. 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂
      I have had superheroes hold the door with me – especially when I was struggling with two young children. They could never understand how much their thoughtfulness and time meant to me.


  2. Colline, I couldn’t agree more! I moved from NC to TN 18 months ago and I miss my everyday heroes there constantly. Those people I knew I could count on in an instant for any need. I am slowly building a support system here and I have found some heroes. We simply cannot do it all alone. Thanks for your post!


    1. I can understand your situation wholeheartedly. When we relocated, I discovered that superheroes can be found in unexpected places and often people have surprised me with their generosity. Often in a busy city we forget that there are people out there who are willing to do more than expected.


  3. I think the concept of “hero” has become somewhat distorted by the media. I get annoyed hearing about sports stars (for example) who are touted as heroes. To me a hero is just as you say – someone who steps out of their way to help someone else, with no thought of compensation, just a desire to make someone else’s life easier.


  4. For my kids they are Spider-Man, batman and hulk !
    In real lives though, it their dad who plays the superhero part and mamma who is the trouble shooter !! 😀
    And yes, for me, all those real people out there, who help me out while I struggle to keep sanity, with two naughty kids in the tow !


  5. There are many unsung heroes amongst us Colline, at the moment here in my state it is the firemen who are battling ten out of control bushfires.
    As for the illusionary superheroes, the Phantom was my childhood favourite.
    Kind regards


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