Old Man Winter

Winter morning
Winter morning (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Old Man Winter has arrived:

Bringing with him icy winds and falling snow.

We step outside into the unwelcoming cold,

Bundled up in our warmest coats, boots, hats and gloves.

We walk down streets,

Shivering in the cold,

Heads down as we try to avoid his icy fingers.

The concrete grey is reflected in the greyness of the sky

Against which is silhouetted the bare fingers of naked trees.

Winter Morning
Winter Morning (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Yes, Old Man Winter has arrived

And with his arrival we hibernate:

plants, animals and humans.

We seek shelter away from the cold and grey

Eagerly awaiting the colours and warmth of Spring.

Do you enjoy the time of Old Man Winter?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

37 thoughts on “Old Man Winter

  1. Dear Colline
    What a beautiful description of the old man’s icy fingers! Our winters is not nearly so cold as you experience. In the part of South Africa we never even see snow during winter. Oftentimes we wear summer clothes during our winter, because we get really warm days as well. But spiritually this is the time when beautiful new growth is happening in your heart.
    Blessings XX


    1. I remember those winters from my youth and think back to the days of going to school in a school and bobby socks. My girls would not be able to do that here 🙂


    1. To be honest, Colonialist, the winters in South Africa should not be called such as they are so mild. And I am not surprised you barely noticed it. All I can say is that you have a right to be smug 🙂


      1. Of course, there may not be so much frost and snow, but believe me it can become very chilly indeed in some inland spots. The flatlands of the Free State could well be called Freeze State when the icy winds blast across.


  2. It takes such pretty pictures but I hate that cold stuff, Colline. Have to get used to it for a while. Christmas takes your mind off it but after that it’s bleak 😦


    1. I agree with you. What they began here a couple of years ago is a family day in mid-February. It fall on a Monday and many people are able to stay at home and spend time with their families. It does tend to break the monotony of the winter and give you something to look forward to.


  3. I get out for my morning runs in the icy cold and find it to be a peaceful way to start what is usually a crazed day. BUT the temperatures have plummeted today and we are expecting the first major storm of the season tomorrow. I am retreating to a temporary hibernation mode!


    1. A perfect idea. I do find walking in virgin snow just after a storm very quiet and not so cold. It is the day after that I find to be very chilly. Brr! I am guessing that next week will be even colder than the past one.


  4. I am no fan of Winter, but I am learning to tolerate and even enjoy parts of it. New snow is always fun to photograph and Winter walks are not so bad if I’m dressed warmly enough!


    1. I enjoy walking in the snow before it turns to slush. And can’t say that getting my boots wet is fun. I do prefer winter, though, when it snows. To be cold without the beauty of snow seems to make winter longer.


  5. Love winter. Yes. I do.

    I love the look of the landscape during the winter, especially after a fresh snowfall. One of my favorite adventures during the winter is to go on a long walk during a gentle snowfall. It is a meditation-inspired adventure. No one is out. The streets are quiet. Few drivers. The landscape is magical and awe-inspiring. Worries seem to drift away, to be replaced by the expansiveness of nature and a reminder that we are part of something that is not under our control. This is freeing.

    However, it is quite cold. I bundle up. And when I return to the warmth, the contrast is pleasing – an escape from the cold!


    1. I love walking in the snow at moments like those as well. I feel at one with nature and it is so peaceful.
      And then the hot chocolate when I get home is always welcoming 🙂


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