Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon: Day 3


This weekend I picked up the story my daughter had finished last weekend: Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy. She had read it almost in one sitting and kept saying how much she was enjoying it. I did not want to read anything too serious and my aim was to find a quick read.

The story centres around a twelve year old, Lilah Bloom, who is struck by lightening.

“I turned to see Dad holding up the dress I`d been wearing at the wedding. I couldn’t believe it either. It had several scorch marks and even a burn hole that went right through the fabric. If the electricity going through my body was enough to do that to the material , how did I survive?”(p. 20, Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers, 2012)

After the lightening incident, Lilah is able to hear the voices of dead ghosts – including the voice of her grandmother Bubby. The young girl “meets” other ghosts and becomes a medium for them, helping them to express their words to others. The story is fun to read, with plenty of humour that young girls enjoy. If you are looking for a story that a pre-teen will enjoy, then this is the one. It is well written in language that is easily understood by the target audience.

What have you read this week?

(This post was inspired by Miz B’s Teaser Tuesdays and is a part of the Dreamy December Days read-a-thon challenge)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


8 thoughts on “Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon: Day 3

  1. For some reason bloggers were unable to comment on this post yesterday and am unable to figure out why as I did not change any settings. I am hoping to solve this problem as I enjoy the rapport I have with fellow bloggers. Contact will be made with the WordPress team and I will keep you updated. Thanks to some fellow bloggers for letting me know of the problem on my Facebook page.


        1. I still haven’t figured it out Sonel. Each post I publish now I have to go back and change it. WordPress must have done something because I have changed none of my settings.


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