The Dreaded Night

I Fear the Night (TSO) (1)

Twilight was fading fast: the warning that we would  soon be embraced by the darkness. I dreaded the moment when all would be black around us. Our eyes could not penetrate the dark as could those of our predators. Facing us, Mark signalled that we should go under cover, hiding our bodies from hungry eyes. I kept a lookout for a safe place that would bring us out of harm’s way. I wished the group had listened to me and moved in the direction I had suggested earlier. Now we were out in no-man’s land where the horizon was bare with no natural formations behind which to hide.

Suddenly my desperate eyes saw it! Lightened by the silver slither of a moon, I saw the rough outcrop of rocks. I touched the two people in front of me and pointed out the potential hiding place. Nodding, they touched those in front of them and quickly followed me to investigate. On closer inspection the outcrop was perfect. We settled on the rough ground in front of the outcrop and took out our protective covers. Huddling next to my partner, I inflated the darkened fabric that mirrored the colour of the rocks behind us. We became a part of the isolation of the land, blending in with our surroundings. We would not be seen now. All we had to do was calm our dread and they would not sense our fear.

I lay down and slowed my breathing. We would wait out the dreadful night and, in the light of day, continue our journey towards hope and salvation.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

(This post was inspired by the Free Write Friday prompt. Thank you Mark for hosting it in Kellie’s absence)


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