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Together we can be strong. Together, as a team, we can achieve the unthinkable.

I think for a moment on together achievements: sending a man to the moon; achieving woman’s right to vote; banishing slavery; achieving a country’s independence.  The voice of one lone person railing against the injustices carried out against children in the use of children as labour, would not have been heard. Put together the voices, and the plans created from heads bowed down together to make a plan, and what you will have is an achievement that is written down in the history books.

Working together does not have to make the history books, however. Working together everyday can help your family go through their daily routines without a hitch. Working together as a team can make the project at work finish effortlessly. Working together as a community can help create a safe environment for children.


Together we can be strong. Together we can achieve the unthinkable.

What have you done together, as a team, today?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Together)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

32 thoughts on “Together

    1. I have noticed at school here children are encouraged to work in groups and to realise the importance of teamwork. One can only hope that they carry this lesson forward into adulthood.


  1. Wonderful written piece, dear Colline. “Together” word goes with many verbs… Life for a family means togetherness… Life for a country same again… and Life our older earth same too…. If I come to your question, not now, but in the past I did… It was a collaboration poetry work and I can never forget this experience… Thank you dear Colline, have a nice weekend, love, nia


    1. You have reminded us of some important points Nia.
      What a wonderful experience to have worked with others on poetry. I can imagine creative heads bent down together to create something beautiful.


  2. I’ve worked in Management for 6 years now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that without my team, I achieve nothing! Togetherness is so important!


  3. Very well written… 🙂

    A victory on our own are greater, but a victory as a team always be greater – a team victory is much more different than a ‘single’ victory, because these victories are much more defficult and complex – much more hard work – to get people work together in teams that’s a very large part of my business life almost every day… 🙂


    1. I like the words: a team victory is much more different than a ‘single’ victory, because these victories are much more difficult and complex.
      So let us celebrate team victories in the way we do when our favourite sports team wins a match.


  4. Funny, this topic ‘together’. Lately, I have been thinking quite a lot about all the people who very quietly and silently effect change. They do this without looking for recognition, awards or monetary gain. They simply care about others and want to make this world a better place for everyone. They think they are not making much of a difference. But, actually, they are. Together, they are making a huge difference.

    We look at one courageous person who has the spotlight, who is effecting change, whose face is known and we think, if it were not for them, then things wouldn’t change. But actually, this person is likely the catalyst for change; the one who shines a bright light on injustice and ignites a slowly growing flame creating a collective groundswell effort required to effect massive change. They are definitely an important first step towards change. However, if it were not for everyone else who empathize and strive for change, the masses of people who take these injustices seriously and speak out about them, things would not actually change.

    So, today I think about everyone who effects positive change through small courageous acts of kindness and influence, those who take a chance on rocking the boat and upending the status quo for the greater good for society. Today, I think about all of you and I feel gratitude for all you do to make a better world for all of us…together.


    1. You are so right Darlene. I think of two faces that, in South Africa, were responsible for the changes in 1994. One is known internationally (Nelson Mandela) and another not so well-known globally – although he was acknowledged for his work with the Nobel peace prize (F. W. de Klerk). These men did not work on their own. Instead they had many who worked tirelessly behind the scenes keeping the flame of change alive. If it were not for the leadership of these two men, who knows where South Africa would be today.


  5. Dear Colline
    I was just reading a post today about the sex trade of children and although I knew of these horrors, I was not expecting it to be as bad as it currently is. It was a post on Alison Hector’s blog if you are interested in reading. How we should all stand together to help these innocent victims of sexual perversity! Great thoughts on the power of standing together, my friend.
    Blessings XX


  6. I could use some spirit of togetherness now in this Godforsaken country of mine. I need people to wake up and collect votes to prevent Government to sell all of our natural resources… and I am still waiting. I am very individualistic as a person (this sounds clumsy when I put it like that), but I am also highly sociable and I love to pull for projects of common interest. Very often though I am faced with the fact that people are too lazy or they just don’t care. Sorry if I shared too much, Colline 😉


    1. It is a hard thing for me too that people do not take the time to do a simple thing as vote. They do not show appreciation for what so many people have fought so hard to get.


  7. Excellent piece and so many thoughtful comments. I always think back to the day, almost 10 years ago, when we arrived in Belgium for a new phase in our Ives. One that certainly would not have been possible without the togetherness of our family.


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