The First Day of the Future

Jackson Wedding
© Kellie Elmore Photography

As the sun rise bringing the hope of a new day, Maria opens her eyes and smiles contentedly. Today is the day in which she and the man she loved wholeheartedly showed their commitment to one another and to the little ones growing inside of her. She gets out of bed slowly, feeling ungainly. No grumbling, however, passes her lips: she feels blessed today, secure in the love that surrounds her.

“Oh good, you are up.” Her mother’s arms embrace her, surrounding her with the love and scent that reminded her of her childhood. “I have prepared your breakfast. Come sit down and eat it before we get ready for your big day.”

The rest of the morning seems to fly by and often Maria is grateful for the bowl of fruit salad and freshly baked bread she had eaten for breakfast. Her hair is done, her make-up, and the last minute twitches to her dress. Surrounded by chattering voices, she is ensconced in the car to drive her to the church.

The quiet drive to the church gives her time to close her eyes and rest a little. Her dad never was one to chatter, and she is grateful for this. She wonders how Eric is feeling. She hopes he feels as eager as she is to begin life as a married couple. She knows she will feel proud to call herself Mrs Shaw – no matter how old-fashioned some of her colleagues will find her.

During the slow walk down the church’s aisle, Maria’s focus is on Eric. He stands there in front of the altar, tall and solid. His gentle smile assures her that she has chosen the right man to spend her life with. He would never let her down, and never disappoint her.

The church ceremony and congratulations after go by in a blur, as does the photo session. She feels like a model: sit here, smile, turn your head. The late afternoon light begins to fade and Maria turns her head to look at the far away trees. Unconsciously, she rubs her stomach to soothe the kicking feet in her womb.  Strong arms wrap around her and she gathers strength from them.

“Tired, my love?”

“Yes. The days has been never-ending. The babies and I need a rest.”

“Time for the reception. As soon as the formalities are done, I will take you to our room and you can rest.”

Hands clasped, the couple walk towards the hotel and towards their future.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

(This post was inspired by Kellie’s image prompt for this week’s Free Write Friday)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


20 thoughts on “The First Day of the Future

  1. Wonderful writing and story. 🙂
    I was happy, excited, and a bundle of nerves on my wedding day (moving flowers inside and outside with the unsettled weather) so I settled myself by going outside with my brother, and we threw around a Frisbee for a while. It helped.


    1. I felt the same way Robin. It did not help that the driver and car to take me to the church did not arrive on time. Thank goodness for my dad and his small white car 🙂


  2. lovely story Colline…I eloped so rose the morning of the big day in a tent to prepare in a cow shed…but it was a day I will not forget, even if the rest was a bit of a failure


  3. Anxious. Would highly recommend a wedding planner or a good friend to organize the day!! The highlight was a very quiet moment between hubby-to-be and myself where we both took a break, from the craziness of the day, inhaled and noticed that the promise of thunderstorms had turned to blue skies. In that brief moment I felt the serenity of the day and the magnitude of what we were both embarking on. The rest was a blur, like a crazy day at work in the PR department.

    Wish we had eloped!


    1. I think the reception is more stressful than the ceremony itself Darlene. I wanted to forgo it but future hubby did not want to. All I can say about the after party was that it went by in a blur!


      1. What a great idea! A few years ago a couple married in city hall in their jeans. We didn’t know them, but they asked us to serve as witnesses. It was an interesting surprise that day, taking part in a special moment for someone you don’t even know. I felt lucky and honored that I would be the one to witness this couple’s official union in marriage. They looked so happy. They said that they were going to have a regular party with family and friends on another day to celebrate. Although they had planned to marry this way, it seemed so impromptu, relaxed and captivated the spirit within their hearts. Their entire focus was on each other and how they felt about each other.

        Although we often think of traditional weddings, when I ask people how they married, I’ve heard, marrying in a canoe on the lake, or at the cottage or a friends home. For some reason, I always think these are the marriages that will last because they didn’t need all the frills they just needed each other.

        I’ve seen brides in tears because some part of an expensive and highly organized wedding day did not go as planned. I wonder if placing so much emphasis on a one-day party that promises to deliver then does not and costs a sizable portion of a down payment on a home or a less significant honeymoon is worth it?


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