A Delicious Treat

During our trip to Mauritius, my husband took many opportunities to eat a favourite meal of his childhood: Dahl Pourri. On my first trip with him to this tropical island, he had converted me to this delicious treat so I was willing to eat this meal whenever we could. The roti-like food has dahl within it, and has been rolled until it is fine. You eat “une paire” with a yummy vegetarian curry within it.

Dahl Pourri. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
Dahl Pourri. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

We have tried to recreate this food at home but have not been successful. Making them is definitely an art that requires plenty of practice. I know that the next time we go to Mauritius, we are sure to go buy many of these and eat our fill.

Have you eaten Dahl Pourri?

(This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt given by WordPress)

47 thoughts on “A Delicious Treat

    1. It is a bit like roti in that it is layered when made. With dahl pourri, however, the layers have ground dahl in. It is so thin and light – so much thinner than roti itself. So delicious. I need someone to actually show me how it is done.


      1. Have you checked YouTube? It is amazing how many “How To” videos can be found there for an assortment of topics, including food preparation. You may get lucky and find one. Good luck!


      2. Pending on where you live, you can buy it at east/west Indian stores….dahl is really mashed up split peas…..other cultures make it either plain or with potato instead of dahl
        Making homemade can be quite difficult…good luck with that venture


    1. It is similar Sonel except that the layers have dahl in it and they have been made thinner. Absolutely delicious and well worth eating. It is a pity it cannot be bought in South Africa.


  1. Colline, is there a restaurant you can recommend that may have a similar adaptation?
    Reading your post reminded me of some of the South American recipes I’ve tried to recreate here based on my mom-in-laws recipes which are amazingly delicious in her country when she makes them back home and we visit her there. One of them, a cake, I was able to adapt but it required adjustments of flour and wet ingredients. My niece was the judge and said it tasted just like abuelitas, so I knew I got it right. 🙂
    However, I tried this with a corn-based South American recipe but was not successful in recreating it. I was told that the corn here is so entirely different that it is like using an entirely different ingredient altogether. This accounts for the poor result. I wish I could re-create my mom-in-laws recipes so that they turn out like hers. Her food is amazing!


    1. I have not found one here in Toronto. We have found a store in India town that sells dahl pourri. However it is not as fine as the ones made in Mauritius. Still delicious though 🙂


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