The Last Time

“Just one more Mommy! This will be the last one.”

I have lost count of how many times I’ve heard this while my children are growing up. The last swing. The last dip under the water. The last run in the snow. I have learned to wait patiently on the side, watching them enthusiastically finish their play. Often I watch with a smile on my face, but sometimes I watch with impatience – especially when the cold is nipping at my fingers, toes, and ears!

Yesterday my children and I walked through the park we used to spend plenty of time at when they were younger. They went through each part of the park: the swings, the see-saw (teeter-totter), the jungle gym, the hideout, the water park. Each spot they visited brought back to them the memories they had of the last time they had spent summer days there. I sat back and waited (as is usual for a mom ๐Ÿ™‚ ) while they took the trip down memory lane.

I am sure that this will not be the last time we will walk through this park. But it may be the last time they wish to play there. My children are growing up and now I wait for them, not in the park, but in the stores as they look at trinkets and items of clothing.

When was the last time you sat waiting in the park?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: last)

ยฉ Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


30 thoughts on “The Last Time

  1. Ah Colline — may be the last time they wish to play there. That just tugs at my heartstrings!! I don’t have children, but I have many nieces and nephews — and yes, those moments through the park provide so many “last” moments potentially. So glad you are cherishing each one! Have a blessed day!


    1. They are growing up so quickly and I do miss those days from when they were little. Their interests are beginning to change and I love seeing them in those moments when they still show their enjoyment in things they thrived on when younger.
      I wish you a blessed day too. Today I am to spend mine with my girls at the shopping mall – the teen playground ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Fantastic post Colline. This brings back memories! The last visit to the park was a few days ago. Likewise, mine are growing up and the stay lasted only 30 minutes for the splash park! I do remember those days when I waited for their play to finish up and inconsolable tears when we needed to leave. Mothering the pre-teen and teen years are a different experience aren’t they?


  3. Awww, and soon you will be waiting for them when they are coming home from dates… I can’t remember when I was waiting in the park last time. These days I only know about waiting in lines in stores or banks or worse at doctor’s. Have a good weekend Colline!


  4. Walking Trompie is the same … just one last sniff here and once more! I have to wait because he will sniff as if it is the last time. Mother always have to wait for just one more time isn’t it!


    1. So true. Makes me think of a book my daughter just read about a dog. He was a police dog and while he was sniffing, he was actually ‘reading’ the messages that had been left by other dogs ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. We don’t have a park here but at the Oewerclub that’s Simba’s ‘bigger yard’ I have to wait for him to finish reading his ‘tree-mails’ and he does Facebook and Twitter as well…hehehe


  6. What mixture of happiness and sadness this brought to mind. My children grew up on a farm, so rarely went to a park, but now they reminisce about the things they did and really enjoyed around our large yard. It is sad too that those times are long gone for me.


    1. They had a wonderful time growing up then – lots of adventure and exploring. That is what they enjoyed most about that park, I think – the potential for exploration.


  7. Hi Colline! This brought back memories of all the times I would ask MY mother for one last time doing something before we had to go. I remember well her frustration waiting, and my frustration that she wasn’t interested in seeing one more trick in the swimming pool! And now the tables have turned on me and so often I don’t like being put off by my exuberant 3 year old wishing for “one last” of everything. Thank you for this reminder to hold on and wait just a little bit longer!


  8. This made me feel nostalgic about my childhood. My family likes to go camping at different places during the summer, I now wonder how long that will last. My brother is 26 and I’m 21, it feels like we grew up so suddenly that we didn’t realize it ourselves.


    1. Enjoy all the time you have together because, as you suggest, it may change when you begin a family of your own. And what better way to relive those memories than creating some with children of your own.


    1. One day I guess you will go to the park again – but as a grandmother. In the meantime, I am sure you have many lovely memories of the times you spent there with your children.


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