An Innocent Teaser

During this past week I turned the pages of The Innocent by David Baldacci. This fast-paced story kept my interest during the entire story. The unexpected twists were welcome, making the story unpredictable. Will Robie is a character with flaws and, although he is a trained killer, did have me rooting for him. My support for him began when he refused to carry out a kill on a woman he senses is innocent; and then rescues a teenager from a certain death. The twists and turns in the novel do not stop right until the end. I enjoyed this story and have the next one featuring this character on my book list.

The following is a little teaser introducing you to a situation the main character finds himself in:

“All intruders found would be executed. It was just that sort of place.

Robie turned over on his back, his face to the ceiling.

Three days, or seventy-two hours to go.

It seemed his entire existence was one uninterrupted countdown.” (p.22)

Do you enjoy reading fast-paced action stories?

(This post was inspired by Miz B’s Teaser Tuesdays)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


23 thoughts on “An Innocent Teaser

  1. I know the author’s name, but haven’t read any of his works. The Innocent sounds interesting — I don’t usually read that particular genre.
    I do love mystery books (as long as the body count is low), and have discovered a few new authors this year.
    A lot of my reading comes from the library’s “new” section — I look for the mystery symbol an dig in. I’ll add The Innocent to my list. Thanks for the teaser!


    1. This is a mystery/detective/murder story with a difference as it is not usually the hit man who does the detecting! It is this that made the story a little different. And even though he is a hit man, we do see the caring side of him – after all he takes a strange teenager under his wing.


  2. Have heard of the writer Colline but dont find thrillers to my likeing much, well reading them anyway, if it was a movie then I do become interested, James Bond movies or Agatha Christie intrigue do tend to captivate you on screen.
    Aussie Ian aka Aussie Emu


    1. I think this would make a good action-packed movie. Especially if made Hollywood-style. Who knows, maybe one day they will make it as he is a best-selling author.


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