Teaser Tuesdays: The Prodigal Wife

The Prodigal Wife (Chadwick Family Chronicles, #4)This past week I completed The Prodigal Wife by Marcia Willett. This is a story of a woman, Maria, who leaves behind not only her husband but also her oldest son. After the death of her second husband, she wishes to return to the lives of her son, Jolyon, and her ex-husband, Hal. Jolyon, however, does not wish to forgive his mother for the hurt she has inflicted on him while Hal, now married to his cousin and childhood sweetheart, experiences a lingering guilt about Maria and wishes them all to be friends.

My teaser refers to Hal’s experiences in the novel:

“Hal’s empty glass rolled from his fingers and he jumped awake. He glanced at his watch and climbed to his feet. Fliss would be in bed by now but not asleep yet. His dream still clung, the forty-odd-year-old memories clear and fresh, and he wanted to put his arms around her and remind her of that long-ago picnic.” (p.90)

This novel allows us to know the thoughts of its characters and to experience their emotions. The story touched my heart strings and I wish now to read other books written by this author.

Have you read any of the novels written by Marcia Willett?

(This post was inspired by Miz B’s Teaser Tuesdays)

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