The Conjuring

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
Poster for The Conjuring. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

When The Conjuring came out a few weeks ago, I looked at the poster with a different eye to the way I look at others. This time I looked with anticipation and excitement. Not because the story interested me. Not because I anticipate each film of this genre. I felt a thrill because I know one of the players in this story.

Horror is not a genre I normally choose to see at the cinema. Many films of this ilk, I feel, aim merely to elicit screams and terror. However, this film is different on may levels: the director, James Wan, has a reputation for directing well-made films; the story is based on actual events experienced by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren; and I have known one of the actors for many years.

Even though the film was not one that I normally choose to see, I came out of the movie theatre with no regrets. The story drew me in; the actors captured my interest and kept it; the cinematography suited the subject matter. I did jump a few times in my seat when the unexpected happened; and I kept wishing that the characters would listen to my silent exhortations.

But even more than the thrill of the story, was the thrill of seeing someone I know up on the big screen. I have seen the journey he has taken to reach this point in his career, and seeing him act out his lines on screen made my heart swell with pride. He is on his way to realising his dreams and that, for me, is far more important than seeing him on the big screen among well-known actors. He has grabbed on his dream with both hands and is working hard to achieve it. One step at a time.

Have you seen The Conjuring?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


36 thoughts on “The Conjuring

  1. Hi Colline, from the trailer its one I wouldn,t mind seeing, even though movies of this ilk aren,t really my scene, you must have more of an isight into this film having known one of the actors in it.


    1. He did tell us a little bit about the story of the film. But what was interesting were also the stories he told us while filming. He had a positive experience and it is good to see that the result is excellent.


  2. Not the genre that attracts us to the movies. However, I know what you mean about knowing someone in the movies. Much of Ides of March was filmed in Cincinnati … so we were on the lookout for people we knew as extras.


    1. Makes the experience of movie watching a little different, doesn’t it? I remember being an extra myself in a TV show and my friends and I scrutinized the episode to see who we could find.:)


  3. I think I might try to sit through a horror film if I had the connection you do to this movie. (That’s really neat watching someone’s film career develop.) But, I’d like some warning for the scariest bits, so I could have my eyes closed in advance, lol. One advantage to reading the book first — I know when to not watch! (The Shining; The Exorcist).


      1. The Exorcist was very scary — my friends could tell when a scary bit was going to happen because I hid my eyes.
        The Shining was scary as a book and a movie. While I was reading the book, I was working late to finish up some correspondence. I hear the freight (or should I say fright) elevator coming up to my floor. My heart did a little flutter or two. I hope your familiar with the movie or this will have made no sense, lol.


          1. I shy away from books and movies with a fear and gore factor now. Although I love murder mysteries (books, BBC, etc.), I don’t enjoy “high” body counts, or gruesome detail.

            We rarely go to the movies, so when we’re watching something at home, I have to get my hubby to tell me when I can look again!


  4. I so want to see who you know in this film. This will be the best part of seeing the film. It is wonderful to see someone achieve their dreams after years of hard work!! I will have to see this with someone else and during the day. The concepts in this film are quite frightening, creepy and unsettling. It would be more fun to have been part of the film-making and to have some moments of comic relief as happens on set!


    1. Definitely not a movie to watch before bedtime Darlene. And when you watch it you will be impressed with the way he works his craft. Let me know what you think 🙂


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