Feeling Alone

The people mill around her: laughing, talking excitedly about what their plans are, heading out to their destination with confidence and the assurance that they were where they belonged. She looks at them silently, eyes wide as she attempts to take in the sights and sounds around her. The concourse seems huge and the task of finding her place in this wave of humanity insurmountable. No words had prepared her for this moment. No assurances that she would be okay, that she would make it on her own. For a moment she feels alone. Adrift with no anchor, no compass to guide her. She takes in a deep breath and thinks I can do this! I am strong! I do not need someone to hold my hand.

She moves forward with hesitation, looking at the posters that have been attached to the walls. Surely they will help her get to where she needs to be? Yes, there it is! Approaching the table, she is welcomed by another: her age, he smiles as he holds out his hand to greet her. The tight band of anxiety around her chest lessens a little. She realises that she will not be lonely after all.

When have you felt alone?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Lonely)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


34 thoughts on “Feeling Alone

    1. I never do. Especially when I receive comments and reply to them. As long as I have a connection to the internet I know that there is always someone I can connect to 🙂


  1. Another one of the interconnected things that have been happening more often in my life lately. I just finished a comment with the difference between being alone and loneliness, before I came here to read your post.
    I often feel that way in public — awkward and out of place. Especially now that the aloneness I used to enjoy has become loneliness (in the real, not virtual world).


    1. It may have something to do with the way people behave in modern society. Everyone is so focused inward that they do not look and see the potential for connection with others. When walking down the street I have noticed that no-one makes eye contact. Yet visit a country where people are not so focused on the ‘me’ and notice the difference in how people welcome one another with merely a greeting.


      1. That is so true. Where I live, literally everyone is looking down at their smart phone or tablet. Doesn’t matter the situation: store lineups, “talking” with friends, on the train, walking down the street.
        I’m convinced that we will evolve to meet these “needs:” a spine and neck that naturally makes your head and eyes to only focus downward, and growth of the digits used for texting.
        I really like the idea of a five minute Friday. I checked out the website, and maybe next week I will try. You certainly got a fantastic and mysterious story written in such a short time period.
        I think my comments are probably now longer than your alone piece 🙂


      2. Oh yes, Colline. Many cultures live in our country. I try to make eye contact with anyone who passes by. I enjoy the connected feeling when others who are new to our country return the eye contact, smile and return the greeting!


  2. Hmmm…good question. When does one feel ‘alone’. Does this differ from lonely? Sometimes I love the feeling of ‘alone’, but not too much of it. I love to be alone when writing. i need to think and connect with the written word. But, too much alone can begin to feel like ‘lonely’, then it’s time to re-connect with others.


    1. There are times too when I need to be alone – it gives one the time to think and to enter oneself. I don`t experience loneliness much these days as there is always someone nearby 🙂


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