Free Write Friday: Word Bank

free write friday kellie elmoreI wrap the cumbersome blanket around me. Henry really should have packed a lighter one! That was the problem with him. He could never think for himself and constantly needed to be told what to do! What to think! I was so tired of mothering him and being – let’s just say it – his brain. How I longed to be with someone who would take charge and allow me to be just me for a while. 

“Come on Henry! We really need to move along!”

My impatience causes him to walk a little faster but I know, in a few moments, he will be back to his shuffling walk. Oh, the frustration of it! I long to scream, to hurl out my frustration into the open universe.

Finally we arrive at he parking lot. Spotting our car quickly, I swiftly move between the cars and people to reach my destination. Opening the trunk, I stuff the blanket inside. Regretting the loss of my jacket, I climb inside the car, start it, and switch on the heater. Henry will take his time and I refuse to wait out in the cold for him!

Would she really be happier with someone who took charge?

(This piece of creative writing was inspired by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday word bank)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


24 thoughts on “Free Write Friday: Word Bank

    1. What she is tired of is being the one who makes the decisions all the time. What she wants is for someone else to make the decisions for a while. Would she be happier. She believes so – but maybe she would come to realise she wouldn’t.


  1. Well written as usual Colline. Sounds like she has a problem for sure but I don’t think she would enjoy someone taking charge. 😀


  2. I know someone who always was in charge: smart, savvy, in control. When her partner died suddenly, she ended up in a relationship that got serious way to soon. This time, suddenly, she could no longer make even a simple decision without consulting her beau. She dumbed herself down to his level, refuses to see his faults (and they are many), and is so caught up in him that her entire life is devoted to him.
    I feel sad for her, like I do for the woman in your story. Having been a caregiver for many years, I know the weight that can settle down on your shoulders. I agree, she needs a break; time to meditate on the relationship. But there may be a hidden twist — Henry could be a family member who needs a care giver due to mental or physical or both issues, and the duty has fallen to her as no one else will take responsibility. If that’s the case, she needs to get respite care involved to give her that needed break.
    There I go brambling on again! In closing (finally, lol) great story that I could really identify with for various reasons.


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