The Love Wars Teaser

The Love Wars by L. Alison Heller introduces us to the character Molly Grant – an associate lawyer who works for a top Manhattan firm, Bacon Payne. She transfers to the divorce division where she deals with long working hours, tyrannical bosses, and demanding clients. During her work experience she comes across a dilemma that pervades the story:

“Working here – being a lawyer – is the only thing I do. And if I can’t help someone like Fern, who, God save her, has been trying to get decent representation since last November and whom I actually like, then what’s the point?” (p. 102)

I enjoyed reading this novel not only for the few chuckles it elicited, but also because the story felt relevant. I believed the experiences that Molly Grant goes through, and was on her side every step of the way. A well-written novel that I would recommend to any reader who enjoys reading lawyer stories with a bit of drama  – and even a little romance.

What are you reading this week?

(This post was inspired by Miz B’s Teaser Tuesdays)


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