Reading on the Sofa

Reading on the sofa
Reading on the sofa (Photo credit: JoLi-esse)

One of the things I enjoy about the summer vacation is the time I have to read. Chores are done quickly (laundry, dishes, a quick sweep of the floor) so that I can spend some time with the characters of my current story.

Silence engulfs the apartment as I carry my tea to my spot on the sofa in the living room. I hear the sound of the fountains running outside, the hum of the traffic, the occasional banging of a hammer. But all sounds fade as I open the page of my book and allow the words to pull me into a created world. I begin to feel at one with the characters, living and feeling the experiences that have been printed onto the page. The sound that echoes in the quiet room is the one caused by the quick page turning that happens when I reach the last phrase on the page. My tea grows cold as I sit curled up on the sofa.

But I am not alone. I may be engrossed in my own tale but I do have company. My children also sit in their own spots on the sofa. They too are engrossed in the worlds authors have created. A giggle may come from one of them from time to time; otherwise they are silent. What a joy it is for me to see my children enjoying the world of reading and of the imagination!

Yes. One of the things I do enjoy about summer vacation is reading on the sofa. I think now I will go make a cup of tea and settle in on the sofa πŸ™‚

Do you enjoy reading during the Summer?

(This post was inspired by MizB’s Musing Mondays)Β 

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

39 thoughts on “Reading on the Sofa

  1. When I am holiday that is when I read provided I sit up straight at a desk or a table, otherwise I am in dreamland before you can count to three – same goes for TV.


    1. When they were younger I used to lie on the bed and give them magazines to “read”. We then progressed to picture books, then chapter books. Now our sessions last much longer. I love it when we all read together – each in our own worlds and yet spending time with one another.


    1. Summer always seems to give one more time, doesn’t it, to do the things that help one to relax.I think the sunshine plays an important part πŸ™‚


  2. I love having a pile of “summer reads”. Books are devoured quickly and my concentration is at its peak. No work fatigue or distractions. Perfect!


    1. As a teacher I have seen how important being a skilled reader is so I made it my mission to help my children discover the love of reading. πŸ™‚


  3. A warm breeze…a good book…the birds flittering through the yard…wonderful.
    I think it’s just wonderful that you read with your children. You’ve given them a gift that will last forever! πŸ™‚


    1. I have passed onto them what my mom gave to me: a love of reading. I remember days when all in our family used to read together: my parents as well as my siblings.


  4. Love this line, ‘But all sounds fade as I open the page of my book and allow the words to pull me into a created world.’

    Your writing, the wording, flows like water over a waterfall, easily and succinctly. A pleasure to read, Colline.

    Have you thought of writing ‘workshops’ with your own children over the summer?

    One of my sons is always thinking up scenarios, characters and story titles. He continues to ask me if we can collaborate and write on the lap-top together. Sometimes we just spend some time working on the character development. I enjoy hearing all about the characters he creates.


      1. Full tilt, he is gung ho to start. I think he likes sharing the ideas with me as much as the writing part. We talk about the dilemmas the character will find himself in and how to resolve these in humorous ways…his style of humor…always makes me laugh.


  5. I was going to comment on your jeans, but then realised it wasn’t you ;). You have fountains in front of your building too :D. Good thing about winter coming here is that everything is getting quieter. I hope you will enjoy winter reading with your girls as much as the summer one. I suppose you will have a few weeks of holiday soon?


    1. They are coming in December before Christmas. The winter holidays are a time I love. I spend time with my family – we read, we watch movies, we spend hours chatting at the table.
      And it is certainly quieter – a lot less noise from our neighbours πŸ™‚


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