A Hand-Crafted Masterpiece

During our last trip to Mauritius, we were able to visit the factory where they hand-craft model ships. Each person in the factory has their task to piece together the small pieces that form the model that customers can take home. These masterpieces are put on show at The Comajora for us to to admire:

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
That showroom at Comajora. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

The craftsmanship is beautiful and we could not resist taking one of these pieces home with us. We now have a model of the Saint Geran sitting on our mantle, reminding us of our visit to the island and to the factory.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
The Saint Geran at home. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

If you are interested in seeing how this masterpiece was made, take a look at the pictures I took during our visit to the factory.

Do you have any masterpieces in your home?

(This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress)

54 thoughts on “A Hand-Crafted Masterpiece

  1. you made me smile with “we could not resist taking one of these pieces home with us. We now have a model of the Saint Geran sitting on our mantle…” = bravo!


    1. The ships were so beautiful (unfortunately they only allowed me to take one picture). We chose a medium-sized one to take with us and it was not easy making sure it would not get damaged on the plane. But it was worth it as I can admire it every day now 🙂


      1. I’m picturing your ship now in a pink receiving blanket. If it looks like a baby and is handled like a baby, who’s to know? Maybe others will walk carefully past. And, you could just say, “shhh the baby’s sleeping.” so no one will want to take a peek!


    1. It was amazing as well to watch the people in the factory put these little pieces together – a machine would not be able to put these intricate pieces together.


    1. They let me take one only because my husband knows the woman running the place from his childhood. I think they are scared of competition as they are the best model ship factory in Mauritius.


    1. You are so right. This is what makes it so special. A few weeks later we saw ship models that were made in the factory and the detailed work was not there.


    1. Surrounding yourself with beautiful masterpieces does, I think, add a little something to your spirit. I know that, for myself, it makes me happy to look at them.


    1. This one is doubly special to us because not only does it remind us of our holiday, but also because we saw them in the process of making the bigger model in the factory.


  2. That is absolutely fantastic , looking at the pics of the people each producing the ships with their individual tasks is a real credit to their workmanship, you cannot leave the factory without taking one of their ships home, well I couldn,t.
    Great post.


  3. The post, ‘Visit to a Factory’ was one of my favorite of your travel posts. It made me want to sit down with the crafters and help out!

    Beautifully crafted ship, Colline. I would have bought one, too. Perfect for a den full of bookshelves and books and a framed copy of a map from by-gone eras on the wall above an antique desk!


    1. You have described a perfect environment for the model ship. Alas, it does not live in such surroundings yet. I am looking for a cabinet, though, to put it in so that it does not get so dusty.


    1. The water is so calming, isn’t it, when you look at it. When I look at ships from long ago, I can imagine them riding the waves of the oceans.


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