Summer Heat

The summer heat is unrelenting.

The heat of the sun pounds down on the earth:

warming the soil, the roads, the buildings, the very air we breathe.

Perspiration trickles down faces

Cooling bodies and creating a skin sheen.

To escape heat we swim in a refreshing pool,

Shop in an air-conditioned mall,

Dress wearing 100% cotton,

Eat an ice-cold piece of watermelon,

Drink a tall glass of cold water.

We absorb the heat and search out the shade;

We wish for the cooling effect of snow and ice, yet savour the sun.

Summer heat.

A heat we look forward to,

A heat we savour,

A heat whose departure we are thankful for after a cooling shower of rain.

We accept the wilting heat waves,

We accept the dehydrating heat,

Because we know that Old Man Winter will visit again.

Are you enjoying the summer heat?

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


24 thoughts on “Summer Heat

  1. Mid-morning I stepped outside in bare feet, onto the black welcome mat and felt as if I were walking on hot coals. Ouch. Intense humidity, too, in Ohio. You are so right about Old Man Winter’s return, though. Thanks for the likes on the blog.


  2. It seems no time at all ago when everyone on that side of the equator was in chill and ice. Now suddenly things have heated up! Here in Durban the sort-of chilly time (still WAY above freezing) has yet to come.


    1. I struggle more during heat waves than I do with the cold. The reason, I think, is the humidity. Seems like many of us are experiencing these extreme moments of heat this year.
      Keep cool.


  3. Heat Wave # 3 here. Just stepped outside (10pm). The air is like a furnace. I miss the sounds of Mother Nature when it is too hot to have the windows open. Still, I remember the bitter cold and snow of our winters and will gladly acclimate for the time being!


  4. Beautifully written Colline, giving me something to look forward to, cold sweet watermelons. Still Winter here and cold wet miserable days and nights. Looking forward to our long hot Summer days and nights.


  5. Should be enjoying the summer heat more! My home office is in a part of the house that feels like winter. When I walk the dog, I realize what is is like for those who must remain in it most of the time.
    Thank goodness for malls, libraries, community centers, pools and splash parks!
    When I lived in T.O, I always lived in un-air-conditioned places. The summer heat was brutal.
    And this particular summer heat is un-relenting.
    Your poetic description is a reminder of those times. Icy cold watermelon is best enjoyed in the sweltering heat don’t you think?


    1. Oh yes, I agree. Nothing tastes better than a refreshing piece of watermelon. Especially when suffering through this unrelenting heat in our un-air-conditioned place!


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