Being Present

Are you present in the moment?

Listening to the sounds surrounding you;

Hearing the words others are saying to you.

Are you present in the moment?

Savouring that bite of a home-cooked meal;

Blossoming in the love of a family member.

Are you present in the moment?

Working hard towards your goal;

Relaxing in the company of friends.

Or are you thinking:

What if …?

When I was …?

When I have …?

The moment passes by so quickly to become the past.

The future catches us quickly, turning the present into the past.

The present is fleeting, and needs to be enjoyed in the moment.

Are you present in the moment?

Before the future becomes the past;

And the moment is gone forever.

Do you enjoy the moment?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

This post was inspire by this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt)


28 thoughts on “Being Present

  1. This is just a beautifully worded reminder. I had to wait until retirement to fully appreciate the moments. I hope others don’t wait that long. I was a workaholic.



  2. Dear Colline
    Great and important question! Truth be told; this is not something that came easily or me. I had to practice this over and over again with the grace of our Pappa before I was able to live in the present!
    Blessings XX


    1. I think it is a habit many of us are prone to. I have slowly come to realise that chores can be done in their own time, but moments spent with family should be enjoyed.


  3. Years ago, I was pulled in many directions. My mind never rested. It was if I was burning on a simmer of inner and outer turmoil. Having gotten rid of the things that caused this condition, I now live “presently”. Not that I do not have demands and other such responsibilities. Nor do I have stress -free life. But I have learned to be in the flow of all things. Somehow it is working!


    1. I think the older we are and the more experienced at life we are, the more we get how to live in the present. I know that for myself, certain things no longer cause me stress, and I no longer think of doing them while I am experiencing a moment with my family, or enjoying a delicious meal.


  4. I really have been trying more lately. This has been a popular topic, being present, in the moment. I’m glad. I got nudged into remembering to appreciate each moment more.
    This is a wonderful post. I enjoyed every moment 😉


  5. Much wisdom there Colline,some people, me included, at times seem to be wrapt up in the trivialities of life without savouring the present, but then again when one uses the words What if, one is really baseing it on hopes and dreams.


    1. Sometimes, though, those words seem to embody regret and a wish that things had been done differently. As a result one is thinking of the past and not thinking of what is happening at the moment. I try not to think “what if” – decisions taken in the past are over and cannot be changed.


    1. Thank you. I think that it is in trying that we are able to enjoy our present moments so much more. And then when we think of the past we will hopefully have no regrets.


  6. I solved a word puzzle yesterday that revealed an interesting comment. I chuckled when I solved it.

    “Don’t wish for a life without struggle. When it arrives, you will be dead!”

    Your post reminds me of this comment. We tend to reflect on the past or contemplate the future. I think this is so because when we do this, we lessen the strangle-hold of ‘struggle’ on our everyday lives. It is a bit of an escape, isn’t it?

    I try to live in the moment each day and enjoy the positive aspects of the moment and remind myself that ‘struggle’ is a universal theme for all humanity. When I do this, I am comforted by the knowledge that we all have something to contend with and something to endure, but also lovely things to enjoy as well, whether they be many or few.

    Sometimes recognizing these positive aspects are difficult while focusing on the negatives.

    For me, re-focusing on the positives brings peace. It also puts the negatives back into perspective where they belong!


    1. It is most definitely better to focus on the positives more than the negatives. And don’t you find that in focusing on the positive, more positive events happen in our lives? What better reason than to focus on them.


  7. Funny, you should say that. I have noticed that for those who focus on a particular poor outcome, it seems to become a self-fulfilling prophesy. However, altering outlook may not always bring about the desired results, it certainly does ensure that you will be more likely to remain motivated to achieve your goals!


    1. I have always found that if I feel I am doing good and something worthwhile, the sense of belonging follows soon after – at least it does in the workplace.


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