Current Top Posts

Have you ever wondered which of your posts have received the most visits? I was curious so I had a look to see which of mine had been read the most in the past year. These were the top five:

  1. Drawing in Perspective. I wrote this post as a response to a prompt for Five Minute Friday in which the goal is to write for five minutes with no over thinking. 
  2. Mine Dumps in Johannesburg. This post was a response to Jake’s weekly prompt. It features photos of the last last few remaining mine dumps in Johannesburg.
  3. Children’s Party Snacks. At children’s parties pizza and cake is often served. I share what I have served at my own children’s parties.
  4. My Favourite Place. Another response to one of Jake‘s prompts.
  5. Our Need for Shelter. In describing shelter, I refer to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

I found it interesting to look back a little and see which posts had generated the most interest.

Which post was the most visited on your blog in the past year? Have a look and share the link in the comments so that we can visit. 

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

22 thoughts on “Current Top Posts

  1. Mine are: Ultra-light teardrop camper, In a Pickle Bag, Lake Cumberland Poker Run 2012, DIY Large Photo Wall Art, and Sequoia National Park, California. Usually, it’s the ones that teach people something or has the information they’re looking for.
    Yours are interesting!


  2. I make a point of checking my stats often. I just find them interesting, Colline. My post popular post is the giardiniera recipe. Over the last 2 months, however, my pesto recipe has been viewed more than any. I don’t know if that’s because Summer is here or one of the social media sites “discovered” it. EIther way, it certainly is rising in the rankings. 🙂


  3. Interesting reads for sure Colline. I haven’t been back on the blogs for that long but here are the stats on my posts. They are mostly on the Black and White Photo Challenges : 😀

    Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : TOYS

    Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : Nature

    Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : Neighbourhood

    Pixlr – Efficient and Playful for sure

    Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : Bridges

    And then there is the tutorial on how to do what I did above : 🙂

    How to post a Link in the comment box of another blogger, without having that long address string show up


    1. What I do now is I blog on whatever comes to mind and am pleasantly surprised when a post is very popular. In that way blogging does not become a chore for me.


    1. It is a good way to rate a post’s success Ian. I know I have written something people have enjoyed when I see how many comments I have. It is those comments that make my day 🙂


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