A Thing of Beauty

The dull, grey concrete buildings rose upwards blocking out the natural light of the sun.

Skyscraper Wall

Each day I walked in the shadows of these monstrosities,  shielded from the blue sky above. I had never been out to the open: born within the walls of the city, I had grown in age while learning the tasks I had been determined for. I had never given thought to leaving these walls as this was all that I had known: concrete, glass and steel.

Today was like any other day. My routine was set in stone and I was expected to not deviate from it. Like a worker bee, I rose from my sleep and set off for my place of work after downing my liquid nourishment. Eyes facing forward, I arrived at my destination at the usual time. Entering the enclosed space of my workday, I was drawn to an unusual commotion around Sarabi’s desk. She had not come in for the last few weeks and I had given no thought at all to her absence.

Drawing closer to her desk, I became entranced by the object on her desk. “It’s a plant,” she tells us. “I saw fields and fields of these on the far outside. The green and colour sways under the full brightness of the sun. They took me outside to conduct experiments and I do not think they wanted me to see this. But they couldn’t hide it from me. These plants were everywhere. I had to bring it to show you all.”

Red Plant in Brisbane Mall-1=

I gaze at the green and red lying on her desk. A plant? I had read of these things and heard of them. But never seen one. What a thing of beauty! I reached out my hand to touch the silken petals, and feel the rough texture of the leaves. How different was this thing of life from the inanimate colours I saw everyday.

“What is the meaning of this?” The voice and words of our supervisor scattered us. Sarabi was left standing alone, the bright plant exposing her defiance of the subtle laws of our society.

What do you think the reaction of the supervisor will be when he sees the red plant?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Beautiful)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


29 thoughts on “A Thing of Beauty

  1. Dear Colline
    It is indeed a beautiful flower! You don’t perhaps know what it is called? Oh, that our Lord will open the heart of your supervisor to see the beautiful flower, but even more; the beautiful people working with him everyday!


    1. My character would not have known the name of the flower as she would not have seen one before 🙂
      One can only hope that the supervisor’s reaction would be positive in front of beauty.


  2. Beautifully written as usual Colline and love that plant and what a gorgeous colour indeed! If the supervisor is not astonished by the beauty, then he/she aren’t human at all. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*


  3. Hopping over from FMF, and I love that your co-worker and you all found time to pause for the beauty of this God creation! What kind of plant/flower is that?! So cool! Interruptions do bring beauty when we stop to think, look, and pray.


    1. I am not sure what plant this is – I chose the picture because of its beauty. In my story snippet I do not think my characters would know the name either. 🙂


  4. Makes one think! Even today, city conditioning almost as bad does occur.
    To get to supervisory status, that character would be a conformist. Therefore the sky would have been caused to fall upon the rebel.


  5. dear Colline: a good intro:
    “Each day I walked
    in the shadows of these monstrosities,
    shielded from the blue sky above.
    I had never been out to the open:
    born within the walls of the city…”


  6. I used to have a small pot of a beautiful plant on my previous job, but now not any more, because my desk is filled with paper all over it. To be honest I do miss it a lot. Maybe I can turn it back after this article. Thank you for the beautiful thought.


  7. Great story! You have done a few short story entries on a similar vein. Colline, you could do a short story book!! With a theme, all stories with open ended last lines. Loved the one on the bridge too. Well done! As I sit at 5.30 in the morning looking out at my beatiful green, colourful garden; I shudder to think of life without nature. Twould be life without life, me thinks!


    1. Maybe one day I will have the courage to do what you suggest Liz. In the meantime I dabble with the words as my confidence grows.
      I would shudder right next to you when thinking of a world without plant life. Nature, to me, always seems to soothe my soul.


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