Urban Design

The arms of the city where I live are spreading outward, its fingers filling green spaces and taking over smaller buildings. Skyscrapers are slowly reaching skyward in the neighbourhood I live in, as can be testified by the signs announcing the erection of condos in our street and beyond.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
An Urban Landscape. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

As city planners work on the plans for our streets and accommodation, they change the landscape of our environment. We look out of our windows and see grey and glass buildings reaching towards the sky, blocking out the sun and the view a of blue sky. As we look out from our balcony, not much of nature’s green bounty is seen. Instead we see the hint of other people’s lives that they leave outside on their balconies that others can see.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
An Urban View. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

The urban design I live with everyday is not a beautiful sight; but it is a sight that I have had to grow accustomed to.

What urban design do you experience everyday? The design of the city, or the one of the suburbs?

(This post was inspired by Jake’s prompt: Urban Design)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


36 thoughts on “Urban Design

  1. Those buildings do look nice with those trees surrounding them Colline. Yes, not something we like to see, but what can they do? I always think of nature and the animals and their habitats. Great entry and post hon. 😀 *hugs*


    1. Many of the green spaces in my neighbourhood like this one have slowly been replaced by grey concrete. I am hoping that one day it does not become like the centre of the city where there is not a blade of grass to be found.


      1. Oh, that is sad indeed Colline. What do people see in grey concrete? Well, with the water problems I guess it’s their main reason but it’s still not nice. It’s always nice to see some greenery around. 😀


          1. I think it’s all over Colline. Even here. We don’t have a big enough system here to carry the water or electricity but every now and then you see them start building new townhouses but they are not upgrading anything else. I wonder where do they think that extra water and power are gonna come from? But it’s like you say..they are just thinking about the money that’s going to go into their pockets and don’t care about anything else.


            1. So true Sonel. The continuous building is only creating more stress on a system that needs serious upgrading. Seems like they are not considering enough factors in their urban design.


  2. I love the life and vitality of a city, Colline, but I’d hate to live in this kind of “space”. I live in an estate on the edge of my medium sized town, and in 10 minutes or so I can walk out into the country.


      1. a bunch of bicycles on other people’s balconies are more than appropriate :D. love it, and I love having someone like you around with whom I can complain about our concrete and tight neighbourhood…


  3. In my neighborhood the buildings aren’t so high, but there are tons and tons and tons of them. I do enjoying looking at balconies and wondering about the people who live inside.


    1. It is also interesting to see people come out to drink a cuppa, or smoke a cigarette. Some have created some beautiful balcony gardens and spend time sitting outside – almost wish I could go sit next to them 🙂


  4. hi Colline,
    I like your description:
    “…As we look out from our balcony, not much of nature’s green bounty is seen. Instead we see the hint of other people’s lives that they leave outside on their balconies that others can see…”


  5. Reminds me so much of Santiago Chile Colline, where land is scarce and buildings are built to the sky, there they are architectually designed to withstand earthquakes, each day there is a tremor in the city or environments.
    Thanks for the look into your neighbours backyard.


  6. A similar thing is happening to Melbourne, but not the skyscrapers. We are going further and further out, everyone trying to get their home. There are very strict planning rules about how high you can go in the city. I am happy about that.


    1. I hope they keep it that way. Apparently they used to have that here in this areas and the older buildings are no more than three floors. The rules must have changed as speculators are tearing those old buildings down and replacing them with 35 floors.


  7. Ahh, Colline. I do remember that sight. Strangely, I do miss Toronto. I don’t miss the concrete, but I do miss the people I know there! Now I need to encourage all I know to join me in the suburbs, then missing Toronto will be a distant memory.


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