An Inspirational Transformation

There are times in our lives when things seem difficult: it is an effort to continue working towards our goal and we think of how much easier it would be to give up. But we should not. If we have the determination and belief in ourselves, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. The following video shows us that we can transform ourselves if we set our mind to it.

Not only did Arthur lose weight, but he learned to walk again unassisted. He is truly an inspiration to us; and a reminder that if we do not give up, we can achieve great things.

What is your response to this video?


29 thoughts on “An Inspirational Transformation

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this video. It truly is remarkable, and it’s good to remember this one man’s courageous campaign of self-healing. It stops one whingeing about things that really do not matter. Thanks also for visiting my allotment.


  2. Amazing is truly the word. Not the sort of thing I would normally watch, but it was quite humbling. Such determination, and one huge achievement. Not everything can be overcome, but he was able to draw on something deep inside to improve his health and his life. Admirable. Wish I had half that strength!


    1. I have noticed that often people seem to find the strength they need from somewhere. I am wondering what kind of emotional support he had. Who was cheering him on? I am sure that would have encouraged him on those days he felt he wanted to give up.


  3. wow! brought tears to my eyes! and truly this is the key “I fell. But I got back up.” If we just carry that around with us and use it, nothing is impossible. We just have to keep getting up. thanks for sharing this, LOVED it!!


  4. Colline, thank you for sharing this video with me. It has been quite an uphill struggle lately. Many life changes. Self-doubt one step behind me. Negativity creeps in, while I try to edge it out. It has no place here. Keep trying and moving forward.

    I love the transformation that Arthur went through. It wasn’t the weight loss that struck me the most, but the look of pure joy and determination on his face when his goal is achieved. It is inspiring to see someone achieve their goals and never give up. And to become confident and find peace with it.

    I will think of Arthur when barriers to success present themselves and self-doubt creeps in.


    1. And it was not for the weight loss that I posted this video either. As with you, it was his determination that struck me: that he refused to give up and that he kept going strong no matter how difficult it was.


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