Getting Back Up

What is it they say? If you fall off of a horse, pick yourself up and get back on. This is what I feel I am doing at the moment: I am getting back on that horse!

In January I felt I was learning to ride. It was report card time, and the first year I had to do report cards in the schooling system I am now working in. Marks were agonised over; comments were hashed, and rehashed. There were times I felt like pulling my hair out in frustration. I was walking a path with a very dim light; struggling to see the end of the road.

But even though the experience was not pleasant, I had to get back on that horse. Report card time has arrived again. And this time I am wiser. As a unit has been completed during the year, I reflected on the grades each child should get for that particular module. Comments were assessed before the due date (hopefully they will pass muster when they are all added together for each child). The work on the reporting has been spread out in my personal agenda, hopefully leading to less stress in the end.

Even as I am currently working on my students’ progress, I am realising ways in which I can make the next time even better. That is the thing about getting back on the horse: you learn for your mistakes, and you improve the ride.

What is your experience of “getting back on the horse”?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Fall)


23 thoughts on “Getting Back Up

  1. I am a big fan of getting back on the horse. (Except mine is metaphorical). There are times when you fall off and you want to stay down. But in the end, getting up is always the better option.


  2. I am very glad it worked out for you Colline. It can be tough on getting on that horse again, but once it’s over and everything went well, there’s a good feeling about it. Congrats! 🙂 *hugs*


    1. It is easier for Math when 1+1=2. For some things, such as life skills, it can border on being subjective. And it is this which I spend so much time on.


  3. Oh Colline, I so agree. Love the analogy to riding. I, too am learning new ways and getting back on the horse again. You live and learn. Life is an adventure of discovery. Some things are harder than others. For me, remembering that life itself is the adventure, regardless of what may come my way, helps me to stay centered and balanced, keep my sense of humor, and get back in the saddle again after being tossed off.

    For me, it’s been quite the wild ride lately!

    Thanks for sharing your experience as a teacher. Your struggle over giving the most appropriate marks to the students is testament to your commitment to teaching our little ones. Teaching is one of the most important roles anyone can contribute to society. Many an excellent teacher has contributed to my life in so many ways and their teachings continue to contribute to many of my decisions and successes in life.


    1. It always does my heart good to hear someone acknowledging the contribution teachers make to society. So often their efforts are swept aside as being meaningless.

      And here’s to enjoying the ride that life presents us! 🙂


  4. Dear Colline
    Such is life, dear one!! The problem is not falling from our horses; it is when we are to frightened to get back up and try again. And we do fall off often on this ride called life! I am glad things are easier with the score cards!


  5. Falling off a horse is certainly good for you. It makes you figure out all sorts of ways not to do it again. (Didn’t work for me, once not too long ago – I fell off a literal, actual horse two days running – and I DO mean running! Landed on the same bit of anatomy, too. Ouch.)


  6. It is essential to be reflective when going through challenges in all aspects of our lives. As a fellow teacher, I can identify with your feelings! I am completely overwhelmed as the year is drawing to a close with much more to be done!


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