A Blogging Milestone

Two days ago I came home and, as is my routine, I checked on my blog notifications. A bright circle stood out amongst all the faces of those who had commented on my posts that day. Round and bright, it proclaimed to me that I now had 500 followers who are using WordPress. Wow! I thought to myself. That is quite a number of people who enjoy my posts and my ‘potpourri’ thoughts.

As I share this news with you, I would like to thank you, my followers, as well. I appreciate that you take the time to peruse what I have written, and to look at the photos I have taken. I appreciate all the comments you make on my posts: it thrill me when I see that you have taken the time to comment and leave a bit of yourself on my blog. I appreciate the encouragement you give when I try my hand at writing a story; and your admiration of Β my amateur photos. Most of all, though, I thank you for the connections you have made with me; and the pleasure your responses have added to my blogging experience.

Have a wonderful day today (or evening). Here in Toronto, the sun is shining after days of cold and rain. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. A perfect day. Until next time ….


54 thoughts on “A Blogging Milestone

    1. Thank you. The next milestone will surely be a cause for celebration. In the meantime, I will continue enjoying the pleasure that blogging has given me. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you. And what makes it more exciting is that I have not dome any of advertising or promotion of my blog. Instead, the follows have resulted from my enjoyment of blogging.


  1. 500 :O WOW CONGRATULATIONS Colline πŸ™‚ u totally deserve em, every follower is such a valuable one πŸ™‚ and 500 is amazing, May u get many many more hehe


    1. This is because I have a Facebook page. Add the two numbers together and that is the total. The little button only takes into consideration the followers who are blogging with WordPress.


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