Ending a Disagreement

This week’s Free Write Friday prompt by Kellie Elmore is the following image:

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

“This is mine! I am the one who drew it, and coloured it in.”

“Never! The idea is mine and I hereby patent it. You have plagiarised my idea, stolen it! You are a criminal and deserve to go to goal!”

“Mommy! Lisa is being mean to me.”

“Stop your whining Brandon. You are such a baby.”

I look at my children in the back seat. Lisa, thirteen, going on eighteen. An academic who has decided she wants to be the country’s most sought-after lawyer. Brandon, my baby at eight years old. Normally so happy with a smile on his face. This trip, however, was taking its toll on him. Cooped up in the car for the second day in a row next to his sister who had developed teenage mutant cells, he had lost his joie de vivre for a while. I glanced at my husband. He shook his head.

“Over to you, ma belle. I concentrate on the driving, you on the kids.”

I sighed. We would arrive at our destination in 2 hours but I could not take the bickering any longer.

“Give it to me! The drawing. Give it to me!”

I hold out my hand.

“But mommy ….”

“You will see. He would never have come up with this. He always has such lame ideas and this one is perfect!”

“Lisa! Enough! Not another word.”

I look at the drawing in my hand. It is quite good and I can see improvement in the way Brandon has shaded the unicorn. It is such a pity to do this. But he will draw many more.

“We are tired of your bickering. I will now get rid of the cause of your dissension. And afterwards we can have some quiet time until we get to grand-dad’s place.”

I roll down the car window, feeling the breeze on my face blow away the cobwebs that have settled in my brain. I hold the drawing out, seeing it flap in the wind. I let go, and it is gone.

“Open your windows guys. Feel the air on your faces! Let the wind blow your anger away!”

I hear Brandon begin to giggle. Looking back I see him with his face to the wind, hair whipping across his eyes. I glance at Lisa. She is silent, and yet has a glimmer of a smile on her lips. I look across at my husband. He smiles and says, “Nice save.”

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

27 thoughts on “Ending a Disagreement

  1. Good Call – no chance of accusations of favoritism with that one! We’re lucky, we only have the one… But he loves to try playing Mommy v Daddy πŸ˜‰


  2. Nice story Colline but think that the ending would have been a little more disastrous, envisage screaming and yelling, tears, hubby holding the wheel as you lose control, threats and a pull in at Maccas to placate the lost Unicorn. Hehehe


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