Giving Comfort

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When my babies used to cry, I gave them comfort. I tried to heed once the advice “leave them to cry until they fall asleep” , but I could not. The crying used to tear at my heart and I would pick the baby up and cradle her close to me. The cuddles and comforting did not stop when they were toddlers, or when they began school. Often a quick hug and cuddle was all that was needed to heal a booboo, or to chase away a scare. I used to love holding the small body of my child against me; to give love and comfort which was given back to me ten-fold.

Now my babies are older. They do not run to me for comfort as often as they do, but there are times when they still need my arms around them. They are now almost my height and I cannot cradle them as I used to – but I still enjoy the warmth that surrounds us as I help to give solace to my child. As their needs change, the way in which I give comfort changes. At times all they need is a word of reassurance, an acknowledgement that what they are doing is the right thing for them to do. I am still, however,there for them whenever they need the warmth of their mother’s touch and love.

And in giving them comfort, I know that I am doing what every loving mother does. It may seem like a small action but it is one that has created a strong bond between me and my children.

What is your experience of giving comfort?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Comfort)


16 thoughts on “Giving Comfort

  1. Dear Colline
    I have two sons who are both university students at the moment. I remember when they were in secondary school how I as not allowed to hug or kiss them in front of their friends. Now, I love and comfort them by making quite a lot of frozen meals they can enjoy when they don’t have time to cook for themselves.
    Blessings from FMF


    1. I feel more comforted with the warmth of a person’s words and embrace than I do with something material. Makes you feel more connected somehow with the hope that things can be better.


  2. It sure feels good when someone can comfort you Colline and there are so many ways to do it, but a warm embrace from a loved one sure makes a difference. Great post as usual. 🙂 *hugs*


  3. Now that my sons are in the early 20’s snuggling seems like such a long ago occurrence. But I take great “comfort” in knowing that I am the first person they call when they want to share stories of their days. I especially enjoy our conversations and I love their company. The fruits of my hard labor are harvesting and it truly is a joyful thing!


  4. It used to tear my heart out when my boys would cry at night, especially if they were sick and there was nothing I could do except follow the doctors orders, or when I left for a time to do an army camp.
    Ian aka Emu


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