Celebrating Success

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Success can be both small and grand. Grand successes are those in which you choose the correct lottery numbers (I have not done so to date!) or win an Oscar award; little successes are when you complete a task, or even when you eventually find a pair of shoes that fit correctly and comfortably. It is so easy to forget about the little successes and focus on the ones that we celebrate with champagne and parties. The little ones are so much a part of our lives that at times we hardly pay them attention.

English: Photo of students' reading
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Today I realise, once again, that little successes throughout the year can lead to bigger ones. I am currently testing my grade 1 students’ reading ability. Most of these children walked into my classroom in September unable to read in French. From that day I have seen them growing in ability: they are now successfully reading a text in French independently and with confidence. Not only are they reading storybooks, by they are also reading the instructions given to them regarding a task on their own. I look at their achievements and know that I have been successful in helping them achieve this ability and confidence. It pleases me to know that I have been successful in the task that was given to me at the beginning of the academic school year.

Walking into the classroom in September 2012 was a signal of success for me personally. Relocating to another country meant that I had to go through a process in order to get where I am today in the workplace. My qualifications were unknown by those looking at my resume, and my experience was disregarded. I did not give up, however. It is this “sticking power” that has led me on the path to my ultimate goal. Teaching in the classroom in Toronto during a time when there is a surplus of teachers certainly tempts me to label it as one of my grand successes.

I have had my fair share of grand successes: completing high school, graduating from university with an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree, giving birth naturally, relocating my home across the world. I do, however, celebrate the small as well: the first time I mastered the foxtrot, my first solo trip overseas, the first time I hung a painting on the wall without any help (I cannot say it was perfectly done though 🙂 ). It is the small successes that help make living day to day worthwhile.

What successes, small and big, have you achieved?

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20 thoughts on “Celebrating Success

  1. Well done on your successes – and often the most significant ones are those we don’t even notice. On other occasions we may complete a task we are proud of – and nobody notices. That, alas, is often the fate of a writer.


  2. I love this story! It is so easy to lose the little achievements that can happen daily in the quest for the “biggest prize”. I can see that you are a very determined woman-good for you!


  3. I recently toured a plantation home and there were no brochures in English. I picked up the French brochure and was able to read and understand it pretty well. It’s been probably 25 years since my last French class and since I was a tutor for other students. I apparently had fabulous French teachers that I retained as much as I have. 🙂 Perhaps your students will, too!


  4. As you point out here Colline, it’s those little successes, little achievements, which give us the drive and passion to tackle the larger ones. And really, when it comes to achievement, maybe there isn’t such a thing as small.


  5. WOW – I don’t know what to say. You’ve had such an amazing journey. Thank you for reminding us that we shouldn’t ignore the small successes. I’m a air pumper when it comes to that – love thr small ones. Too bad you aren’t local – I ask for some French lessons!


  6. A great reading on the subject of successes, you have certainly achieved many, for me the teaching French to the children must rank in your life as a great success.
    Well done all round.


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