My Keystone for Blogging

One could say I stumbled into blogging. Browsing in the library, I came upon a book on this topic by Seth Godin. I had heard of this social media but never really considered using it as a platform to express myself. After reading the book, I decided to give it a try – there was nothing to lose except the time it takes to learn how to use the medium.

52/365: on the computer
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I have used my blog as a way to express myself – my thoughts, my experiences – and to share my adventures through my amateur photographs. I do not think of SEO keywords to bring more traffic to my space. I do not think of writing on topics that will cause the posts I write to go viral. Instead I write what is in my heart – and on whatever it is that interests me.

Focusing on my enjoyment of writing and blogging has brought me into contact with wonderful people who read and comment on what I have written. It is these people who have helped me enjoy the blogging experience. I never forget that people come to my space because they like who I am, what I write, what I stand for. And that there is no need for me to change what I share.

One piece of blogging advice that resonates with me is be yourself. Just as in the “real world” when you are yourself, you will draw to your blog bloggers and readers that you can feel an affinity with.

What is the focus of your blogging?

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42 thoughts on “My Keystone for Blogging

    1. This is advice I try to stick by. Being true to who I am does bring its rewards in that I “meet” up with others who can have a connection with me.


      1. It’s so funny that you posted that when you did…My Mother and I were just having a conversation about change and trying to be something that you’re not….if you can fundamentally change yourself.


        1. Sometimes we do a little to fit in with what our environment expects of us. I think of work and how you are expected to dress and talk a certain way; or even in some societies in which a woman’s independent nature is frowned upon.


  1. Thank you Colline! This is the exact reason I like to blog and to write. It has been a very freeing and enjoyable experience-especially when I get to meet people like you! And I believe it is vital to stay true to who you are as well.


  2. Hi Colline, you’re right. The blogging experience become more meaningful when you write from the heart 🙂 I am always of the thought that if you could reach someone out there and gets inspired by what you write, then you feel rewarded.


    1. It is a lovely reward to me when people respond to what I have written – and often in unexpected ways. Much better than relying on stats to feel you have been successful.


  3. Colline I love this post, and you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth on this subject. I write for the very same reason – for pleasure, self-expression, fun, and sharing. Keep up the good work girl! 🙂


  4. I didn’t do nearly the research you did when I decided to start blogging. As with most things I do, I just dived into it. As for what I blog about, that has remained constant – the things which interest me, the things I love. How these ‘things’ are defined is constantly evolving, constantly changing, and I hope they never stop.
    Great post!


    1. Thanks Alex. I am a thinker and often have to think about things before I do them – which is not always a good thing. However, one thing I do not think about is what I am currently enjoying – and what inspires my blog posts. My topics have changed a little since I began blogging and who knows where they will go. But in the meantime, I enjoy every minute 🙂


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