The word “brave” has certain connotations: being a hero, doing something courageous and out of the norm. When we think of those who are brave, we think of fire fighters, soldiers, those who have conquered human fears and swum with the sharks.

We never think of ourselves as brave.

And yet, in many ways, we can be. We are brave when we step out of our comfort zone. We are brave every time we speak up for ourselves against the status quo. We are brave every time we begin a new job, move to a different country, get married, have a child. We are brave every time we experience a change in our lives and make the decision to follow the path that we wish to. We are brave every time we voice our morality, our beliefs, our desire to follow a certain path.

It is for this reason that the title Brave is apt for Merida’s story – a Disney princess that strikes a chord within me. She does not slay a dragon, or lead thousands into battle. Instead, she speaks out against an arranged marriage. She wishes to be the one who decides what her future married life would be.

As my children watch the DVD, I am hoping that they come to realise that the bravery it takes to stand up for what you want is well worth it. And that to be brave, you do not need to slay dragons.

What does the word “brave” bring to your mind?

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Brave)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


22 thoughts on “Brave

  1. I really like this. And it is so true. People tell me that I am brave all the time. At the age of 19, things weren’t working out in my hometown with my family so I picked up and moved a state over and started again. Now a little over a year later, I couldn’t be more happy with how things have worked out. But I never once considered that brave until people started mentioning it. But it is true. The brave things we do sometimes have to be done, there is no choice. Therefore, it is hard for one to step out of the picture and look in to see what they actually have accomplished and pushed through.

    I really enjoyed the Pixar movie, Brave. I think it was different than a lot of their movies and like you said, has a very compelling message.


    1. It is hard to step out of our comfort zone and begin afresh in a new environment. Kudos to you for stepping out and doing so.
      “Brave” has come to be my favourite princess movie. I love that she stands up against the status quo, that her hair is unruly, and that she is independent. All this and she is still loving – as a heroine should be.


  2. I just loved that story Colline and the 3D graphics always amazes me and yes, it’s a perfect example of what being brave can mean to us and being the wonderful mother you are, your children will realise it for sure. 🙂

    Your question : What does the word “brave” bring to your mind?
    Blogging! 😉


  3. I loved this movie!! I have done my brave thing for the year….just moved to Chile all on my own, starting a new job, trying to find a place to live and meet some people all while I cant speak a word of Spanish!


  4. A great perspective on the word brave, yes it used to be used primarily for those who put their life in danger in a physical sense but your interpretation shows that being brave also encompasses the moral aspect, there are many people in everyday life who should be given awards for being morally brave.
    Ian aka Emu


    1. The meaning has probably changed, Ian, as we now live in a world that has less battles and skirmishes in it. Makes me think of the film “Braveheart” which captures a lot of what life would have been like when this word was frequently used for those who put their life in danger.


  5. Thank you Colline for a timely post! We are in the midst of a major transition here; all of us are stepping outside of our comfort zones and at times it is exhausting! i keep reminding myself that this a positive occurrence as we all move toward our futures in new ways.


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