Noticing a Change

Last week my daughters entered their first TaeKwonDo competition. (I describe the event here). They were proud to bring these trophies home; and were astounded that they had tied for first place in their division. During the week there were still moments during which they walked up to them and admired them. My youngest still finds that she can’t quite believe what happened.

The trophies for first place. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
The trophies for first place. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

Winning in the competition has brought about a change in them. My pre-teen girls now follow their lessons with more determination. The skills they learned when practising the pattern for their green belt is now being transferred to the other patterns and sparring stances that they are practising. Their moves are sharper, their kias louder. They are determined to kick higher and are making more of an effort when performing the pattern. I see the girls stretching after their shower, and daughters kicking their legs up as they walk about in the house.

Practising for and entering the competition has contributed to building their confidence, and to their desire to do well in the sport they are learning. They are now eager to compete again. However, they need to wait until Fall.

Has winning a trophy or medal affected the way in which you approach your sport?

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34 thoughts on “Noticing a Change

  1. I remember the change that took place in my grandson when he helped his basketball team win their division game and received trophies. Congratulations to your girls.



  2. I’m happy to hear your daughters are learning so many great skills from Taekwondo! My son is preparing for his brown belt test and it has been the perfect sport for him for many of the reasons you write about above. Thanks for visiting my post today.


  3. They are giving the right response. Some are inclined to rest on laurels after such a triumph, and it is great when success inspires to greater effort.
    I recall that some yachting wins certainly inspired us to take it more seriously and set our sights higher.


    1. Before Monday and the next lesson, their dad told them that this means they have to practise even harder as everyone knows now they can do well. And so far they have not let us down 🙂


  4. I heard a story recently of a guy who started winning races he was in, all of a sudden, apparently he broke up with girlfriend, and the anger made him work harder. 🙂
    It is nice that winning gave them more confidence to continue.


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