Book Review: A Very Accidental Love Story by Claudia Carrol

A Very Accidental Love StoryIf you have read and enjoyed any novels written by Marion Keyes, you will enjoy this story. The main character of the novel, Eloise Elliot, is a career woman who has no time in her life for any type of relationship: she has no boyfriend,  no girlfriends,  spends no time with her sister, and sees her mother once a year (if she is lucky!) at Christmas time. On her 30th birthday, Eloise makes a decision that brings a child into her life: a child who changes her own life; a child who asks, three years later, where her daddy is. Eloise’s response to this question leads her to make some discoveries about the people she has in her life; and about the prejudices she has of people who have different experiences to her.

I enjoyed reading this tale. It made me smile as it took me through Eloise’s experiences. I like that this story does not fit in with the idea of a “normal” romance story. Unexpected threads are found in the storyline that cause one to question acceptable behaviour in society. Easy to read and heart-warming  I would recommend this novel for those who enjoy humour and light-hearted romance tales with a difference.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


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