A Refreshing Break

Thursday afternoon the Easter break was near and I consciously made the decision not to take any work home with me for the weekend. I had prepared the lesson for my return Tuesday morning, so I left my prep folder lying on my desk. I left the projects completed by the children there too – making the decision to correct them after the long weekend. I tidied up my desk, closed the blinds and windows and shut the door behind me.

I took the walk home, revelling in the air that felt warmer than it had during the past week – daring to hope that Spring was on its way. I was looking forward to the break from routine and the chance to rest: rising late with no pressure to rush and complete tasks by certain deadlines.

I woke Friday morning and sat, bleary-eyed, to write my blog post. My brain froze and I said to myself, “No, I need a break – a complete break.” I got up and called to my children. “I have finished,” I told them. “You may play on the computer.” And so I took the decision to take a break as well from social media as well.

The weekend was spent reading, sleeping, and spending time with family. We ate together. We chatted. We looked through old photo albums and reminisced. We watched a movie together. The children hunted for Easter eggs. We ate chocolate. And I rested. Waking up this morning I felt rested and ready to face the next three months until the next break.

Did you enjoy the Easter weekend? What did you do?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


31 thoughts on “A Refreshing Break

  1. I did the same. Break from everything, except family. We enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner with family, played some card and word games, children hunted for eggs, they ate chocolate, I enjoyed a cupcake or two.

    Breaks are lovely, aren’t they? Getting back to something productive in a different way, ie. work-life, is that much sweeter when you return to it. I’d say that breaks are essential for optimal health!


  2. Breaks like that are always refreshing Colline. I do that as well sometimes. I can see you had a lovely weekend with your family. 🙂 *hugs*


    1. Thank you John. Your term makes me think of the science-fiction book I am currently reading in which they literally plug their brains into the internet. 🙂


  3. Holidays are always pretty quiet for us – family spread all over the US. It sounds like you did what you needed to do for yourself. This is good. Maybe you can try one more before the summer hiatus. 😉


  4. It’s so good to take a break from all our normal routines, including ones we enjoy like blogging. I find when I come back its with fresh eyes and I see and notice things which I skipped over in auto pilot before. Well done on taking a total break 🙂


  5. Must be something in the air this year as I too, took a mandated break over Easter – working part-time and from home it is great being free of the Mon-Fri 9-5 rat race but a risk I have found is that it is all too easy to be working when perhaps I should be taking a break, more so when I am home-alone so this Easter, I made a point to catch up on movies, do some ‘me’ hobby stuff and generally just potter around home for the four days…


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