My Favourite Beginner Posts

I began my blog in January 2012. My aim was to write; and to express whatever it was that came to mind. In was interesting for me to see the type of posts I had written. In the first month I wrote:

These were not my only posts, but they encapsulate what I began this blog with. Looking at the past posts has made me realise that there are a few topics I am not blogging about. Seems I need to share some more of my recipes, do a few more book reviews, and blog a little more on health topics.

What were a few of your first posts? You are welcome to share your favourite in the comments section below so we can visit them. 

33 thoughts on “My Favourite Beginner Posts

  1. Looking back at those early posts are interesting. My early posts focused on politics (2008 US presidential election) was heating up and college football. Guess I envisioned a politics and sports blog … but it wasn’t long after I started writing about other things, and the morph began early.


  2. Colline, I think we do change as we go along, like in life your priorities change. My blog was to be something that family could link into and learn from in the future.They are all too busy just like me! But I have found other followers, so somedays I write what others would like to hear about SA, as it gives me the chance to indulge myself.
    Old blogs:


  3. So many ideas on what to blog, so little time….I’d like to venture into other areas…but would my blogger friends go with me ? I don’t know…don’t even know what direction I’d head….


    1. I tend to blog on whatever comes to mind. And so many times the post has stayed in my head as I haven’t had the chance to get it down. And then it is gone 😦


  4. When I began my blog, it was to be quite focused…
    If you peruse around a bit, you will find it has NO Focus and it is all over the place…I guess most things do resemble their owner 😉

    I truly enjoy your Blog btw!!! AS IS 😀


  5. My first posts were rants about local happenings.
    My favourite posts have been ones which have not enjoyed as much popularity as many I would rate far lower. Anyway, I enjoy ringing the changes.


  6. Beautiful post full of spring life, sunshine and warmth. I like the idea of daily gratitude sharing. I have done this with inconsistency but have always found its given me broader perspective and cause to look and appreciate the moments. May your day be blessed.


    1. Every now and again I need to remind myself of things I need to be grateful for. In the hurly-burly of daily living, we tend to forget.
      May you have a day filled with blessings as well.


  7. A walk through history is always fun and often enlightening. I find reading my older posts can offer fresh insights to a past thought or problem as well as let me appreciate some fun!


  8. It has been an interesting journey to watch you blossom as a writer/blogger. I say, stay on your journey, don’t look back. Your blog posts are better than ever lately! Very honest, real writing, from the heart.

    Advice I heard recently from a published author who is a very good writer – don’t write for a particular market or think too much about your reader and write from the heart, give yourself a time limit and write exactly what you think and feel. Edit later. Good advice. He must have spoken to you!


    1. I have come to learn this advice from two specific bloggers that I follow (I think this would be the makings of a post to share). It is unlike anything I have read before. It certainly makes the writing process more enjoyable for me.


  9. I have never tried to do that, go back to older posts. I know my blog has changed a lot since I started and the purpose of it has evolved. It is a great idea though. Well done on blogging for so long as well.


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