Choosing Happiness

elevatorI step inside the elevator and the silver-gilded doors close firmly behind me. I reach for the button to choose my floor and read the sign that has been placed above them: “Find Happiness.” Instead of the buttons indicating a floor, each one is in a different colour. Red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

What type of happiness would I choose for myself? Would I want a life filled with fiery red, with passion, and emotions that are extreme? Or one that has the energy of a fiery life, but the happiness that one associates with yellow. Would I prefer a life that is harmonious with nature, a life that is full of freshness and growth? Or one that is associated with the stability and depth of the sea.

Yellow Happy Faces
Yellow Happy Faces (Photo credit: Enokson)

My finger is drawn to the yellow button: a colour that, for me, represents joy and happiness. It is a colour that is filled with the energy of the sun, one that is bright and cheery. I would not want to experience the extreme passions of red, or even orange. Nor would I want to link my happiness with the colour of money.

I press on the yellow button and the elevator moves me to towards what I have chosen. The door opens and my life welcomes me. A life filled with freshness, joy, and the energy associated with light and the sun. I step towards it, welcoming the brightness.

Which colour button would you choose?

(This post was inspired by the Free Write Friday prompt given by Kellie)


33 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness

  1. Which to choose, that would depend on the moment, if the buttons were back lit, oh, and if they played musical notes, I might spend days in there just experimenting, not wanting the door to open at all. These are some of the things, Colline, I have thought about since writing my version to the FWF.

    Your writing in the above, feels like on a cold morning as the sun rises, how the warmth on ones face, brings the moment of dawn to life.


    1. If I were to match music to the colour, Sean, it would definitely be music that would uplift me and make me fee happy. One piece of music that comes to mind is Vivaldi’s “Spring”.


  2. Wow Colline. Yellow sounds good. Can I choose a rainbow? I would love to experience a little of all these colours. It would be overwhelming to feel passionate and fiery all the time. I enjoy advocating for others and this requires drive, energy and passion. Yet, I also enjoy the serenity of calm and peace. A diversity of emotion and ways of being provides balance that is sooo important to well-being.

    I agree with you about the colour of money. Money…seductive and alluring, wonderful to have at first, but really we only need enough for a decent life that sustains. It would be wonderful if everyone had enough sustainance. Peace world-wide would result.


    1. On reflection, it seems to me that happiness can embody a little of each colour: at times you can do with the fiery passion of red, and the serenity of blue. And isn’t it that which makes a life well-rounded.


  3. A clever and imaginative post Colline! I’d be jumping off at the blue floor. Blue to me has always represented sea and sky, wind and water and energy, and definitely freedom!


  4. Perhaps I’m just a mass of indecision, but I honestly think I would choose different buttons on different days. There are days in which I would most definitely choose blue, because of its calming, comforting effects. In an all-round, general sense, it is my favorite color, and has been all my life. But yellow is my second favorite and constantly grabs my attention. Yellow always makes me feel happy. Then red always inspires and motivates me to movement and productiveness, and this year I am redoing the accents in my kitchen — going with red in everything from the toaster and coffee pot to the measuring cup, to the rug on the floor.Green seems to draw me often these days as well.. I used to never have any real affinity for that color, but in the past year, I’ve found myself choosing it for various items that I want to have around me. I seem to have become inordinately comfortable in green. So … I guess if you see me get into that elevator, you’d better just plan on taking the steps, because it may be a long time before I decide which button to push, and that elevator may be at a standstill for a long while.


    1. As it is an elevator, maybe you could step in it on different days so that you could go to different places. After all, we do not always go to the same floor when we press a button in one 🙂


  5. Green all the way but never red. On the small chance there would be some nasty thing waiting for me on the red floor, I’d spend the rest of my days wondering why I didn’t heed the red sign.


  6. You have a fabulous imagination and a gift for writing. You deserve the yellow life 🙂
    I would have chosen green – not for the color of money but for the color of new growth.


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