Signs of Spring

English: Early signs of Spring! The buds have ...
Early signs of Spring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring officially begins on March 20 – and it is a day I am eagerly looking forward to. I am weary of putting on my sweater  gloves, hat, scarf, boots and winter coat every time I step out of the front door. Long nights are no longer my friend as I long for bright sun-filled mornings. Slippery sidewalks and banks of snow and ice no longer interest me. I wish to see flowers and budding leaves adorning the streets. I wish for the green of a warmer season.

Leaves bursting in Spring
Leaves bursting in Spring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring is slowly coming, however. Last week as snow was gently falling, my students and I heard the chatter of birds outside our classroom window. Even now as I type, I can heard birdsong coming from outside. The morning sun is greeting us earlier (though a little later again for a while as yesterday we moved our clocks forward). The temperatures are slowly increasing: we reached a high of 10 degrees yesterday. And when I went out, I gladly stuffed my hat into my bag.

When I go out now I eagerly look for budding leaves and flowers. I have not seen them yet, but I know that I will see them soon. This is the comfort of the seasons – winter comes, and eventually winter leaves bringing in the warmer and brighter days. I look forward to dressing lighter and feeling the sun warm my face. Walking outside I will lift my face to the sun with others and smile to greet the world.

We look forward to seeing you Spring. You are most welcome to visit.

Are you looking forward to Spring days?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

23 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

    1. That is exactly what they are forecasting – that it is going to be later than last year. I will just be happy when I reach the point of experiencing temperatures above zero 🙂


  1. I agree, Colline. It has been a lovely winter and it has been nice to see the snow. Now it will be nice to see the new spring growth. I am looking forward to seeing my perennials arrive. The green shoots blossoming into tulips, crocuses and daffodils lifts the spirits, doesn’t it?


  2. I am soooo ready for Spring! Here in Michigan we are taking one step forward and two steps back. Right now it feels like we won’t be putting away our hats, scarves and mittens until June!


    1. Not good 😦
      I hope we do not take a step back and have another snowfall. Bring on the rain, I say, to help melt the snow and bring out the shoots and buds of Spring.


  3. Just like you, I’m getting tired of this overstaying winter. We’ve seen a bit of spring middle of last week but then after a few days, winter made a nasty comeback. I’m looking so much forward to spring too. Can’t wait to be out of my thick coats and boots. 😉


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