Hair Detail

It was Spirit Day at school and the children were asked to wear “crazy” hairstyles to school. My daughter has long hair so I did a few braids, a few pony tails, looped some of the hair, and used many scrunchies. This is the photo I took of the detail as seen from the back of her head.

Hair detail. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
Hair detail. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

I joined in the fun and did my hair similar to that of my daughter’s. She loved that I was participating – as did my students! It was a fun day with many original hairstyles. What a pity they were all covered up as we stepped outside into a cold winter’s day.

Do you ever wear a “crazy” hairstyle?

(This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt: Lost in the Details)

40 thoughts on “Hair Detail

  1. Your daughter has lovely thick hair, Colline. It must have been fun to hairdress-up like that.

    Once I went to a Crazy Hair Party. Added many extentions in PINK to my hair with something that looked like gum. Chewing gum. But it was especially for hair. The day after, I couldn’t get them out though: the gum was stuck to my rather thin hair.
    In utter despair I ran to my neighbor and she helped me to comb them out, after applying lots of olive oil to my hair.
    The worst part is that I hate pink. It was horror 😀


    1. Now that must have looked like fun 🙂 (Do you have a picture?)
      I am always thankful to people like your neighbour who always seem to know useful tips on how to save the day!


  2. Fun! Once I dressed up as an OLD lady to give a presentation in college. I pulled my hair into a bun and powdered it WHITE. As I walked across campus, no one recognized me. It’s fun being incognito. 😀


  3. Lot’s of detail. I have never intentionally have worn a crazy hairstyle.

    When I was a kid my mother would braid my bangs into to sections, then turn them in the shape of a rounded “w” and clamp it to the rest of my hair with a hair clip that matched my outfit of the day. I wish I had a photo to show. It’s hard to describe. It was definitely uniquely my look.


    1. I remember those days – and how we envied those people who could create those bangs. At least now my absolutely straight hair no matter what I do is now in fashion 🙂


    1. Yes, all the flics (what we in South Africa called those big bangs), the teased hair and the hairspray! I do admit I prefer the smoother styles of today.


  4. Sounds like quite a colourful and interesting day for the students at school, not much the boys could do I suppose other than spiky or coloured hair, overall must have been fun.


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