Ordinary People

Just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life.

How often do we think this?

Going about our ordinary routine and

Thinking our ordinary thoughts.

But there is something in each of us:

A spark, a smile, a tenderness, a depth of love

That makes us not so ordinary.

We look a little deeper and we find in each person that which makes us

Unique, incomparable, individual.

It is a little light that shines in each of us:

A light that makes us who we are;

A light that draws others to us and shows that

We are not ordinary;

That we are not cardboard cut-outs made from one stencil.

Many of us may be following a similar path dictated by the society in which we live.

…. but …

We follow the path in our unique way

In a manner that reflects our inner spirit.

We may be called ordinary people

But our individual approach to life makes us all


© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

(This post was inspired by the prompt given by Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday)


25 thoughts on “Ordinary People

  1. What a meaningful and nice touches… You are so beautiful dear Colline. Maybe we should make a new description for ordinary people… Thank you, have a nice weekend, love you, nia


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