A Growing City

Over the past few years, I have noticed that the landscape of the outskirts of the city I live in is changing. Fewer green patches can be found as condos and high-rise buildings mushroom up towards the sky. Old houses and buildings are torn down to make place for the ultra-modern, and the taller. The skyline is now a mixture of old and new, with the newer reaching higher towards the sky, showing off their glass façades and modern architecture.

High rise buildings. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
High-rise buildings. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

When I think of what the city will be in the future, I think of a place that covers a greater area than it does currently. The size of the population will grow, as well as the number of condos that will house these inhabitants. The outer city will become the inner city; and people will become used to living in the small spaces that have been created.

Do you see yourself living in a high-rise building in the future?

(This post was inspired by the prompt given for the Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress.com)

48 thoughts on “A Growing City

  1. I can’t see myself confined in a high rise building I love the space and surrounding land of a single home. Even though people assume because I am a senior citizen and live in the city that I live in a high rise.



    1. Yes, it can be confining as the space is limited – especially in the condos that they are currently building – the space seems to be a lot smaller than the in the ones built 50 years ago.


  2. When I lived in that neighbourhood (I recognize the buildings!) it was in a third-story walkup above a store, on “the main street.” I loved it there. The apartment was old, though, and pretty beat up — I envied the clean and bright apartments of my friends, who lived in some of the buildings you can see here.


  3. People always tell me that I couldn’t move because I have too much stuff. Nonsense. As long as there are large dumpsters and big moving trucks in existence, I could move. But I could not imagine living in a high-rise. I need some dirt around me, and easy access in and out of the building. I lived in apartments while I was at university and that was a good experience, but I’ve moved on.


    1. Easy access is certainly a problem. Unable to send the children out to play, I need to make a special effort to take them outside to play in the park. And when they are old enough to go out by themselves, they will no longer want to go play on the swings 🙂


  4. I lived in a 14 story building — though officially it was 12 because no one wants to live on the 13th floor — and, though I liked it, I’ve moved on. I think Ill remain here “for the duration. ” 🙂


        1. I can certainly understand the appeal. No need for a car, walking distance to most things you’d need or want. But I’ll take being able to cross the road in front of my house, walk into the woods, and being able to walk at least a mile before I hit another road.


    1. I like your comparison to ants. And just like ants, we pay no attention to those around us as we go about our daily tasks. Maybe many of us should become like the lead in the animated movie “Antz”, and break out from the mould. 🙂


  5. Just read response from the good villager. Agreed. When I lived in a high-rise, it was the separation from the ground that bothered me most. I missed looking outside and seeing the trees, birds and the sounds of the living outside. I didn’t realize how much I would miss this until I lived in a high-rise.

    But, the city does have its benefits, too. I miss being able to walk to destinations. A car is the only option in the suburbs.


    1. It would always depend, of course, where you are in the city. I remember enjoying the view I had when I looked though my window when living in Paris and saw the Eiffel tower. Cannot say I find my current view as inspiring.


  6. Ah dear Colline, how makes me worry all these new buildings around me and in my city. I am afraid we wouldn’t see the skies too… Changes… so fast everything changes… You know I am a villager still and I don’t want to lose the nature… Thank you, love, nia


    1. Even here more and more condos are being built – and they are getting higher every time. My heart cries at the lack of green that results from these high-rise buildings coming up out of the ground.


  7. I hope not. I currently live in the mountains and really enjoy nature. I like the view we have, and a lot of the wildlife and birds around here. A high rise is certainly not my preference.


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