A Realisation

Credit: Richard Baxter
Credit: Richard Baxter

The moment felt surreal and dreamlike. And yet so real. The sound of the wind was overwhelming as it whipped my hair across my face. Chris pulled on my hand, urging me to run faster. Our goal was to reach the outcrop of rocks before the power of Mother Nature took us along with her on a joyride. I dug in deep and tried to push my panting body even further. How I longed to stop for a moment. Rest. Catch my breath. But neither my friend, nor the howling wind, would allow me.

We reached our destination, moving behind the pile of rocks that sheltered the cave in the mountainside. Chris had been here before – many times – exploring this part of the country. I was not one for long hikes in the countryside and my new friend had convinced me that walking in nature would heal the hurt that I had been feeling. The hiking over the last two days had contributed to a sense of healing in my emotionally fraught mind. But how I wished I had checked the weather report before we set out two days ago! We could have avoided this wild run across the country with the strong wind at our backs.

We crouched against the wall of the cave, not too far from the entrance. We heard the pile of rocks rattling, and see them move a little. Suddenly they were whipped away, giving us an unencumbered view of Nature’s force. The sky was grey and moved with the speed of the wind. It blocked out the sun  causing the view to be a little dull, a little sombre. And then we saw something heartbreaking fly in our view. A house. Intact and yet torn from its roots. Flying whole on the crest of the wind, moving to keep up with the force that had captured it.

And I felt grateful to be here with Chris. Safe. In a natural shelter that would not be whipped away to go on a frenzied ride. I may not have had a home to return to after this storm; but at least I would have my life, at least I would have escaped the full wrath of Mother Nature as she bore down on humankind. I reached out to hold his hand and felt reassured by his strong grip. And I realised, in that moment, that being in his company had also contributed to the easing of the pain in my heart.

(This post has been inspired by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt.)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


30 thoughts on “A Realisation

  1. Top story Colline, an interesting little read… How much further till the end of the hike? Checking the weather two days before may not help you in most cases, as a number of changes can occur over that time. But there are signs visibly detectable in the sky and air pressure variations we can feel and detect naturally (as well as observation of wildlife behaviour in the natural world) for period in advance of around 12 hours that can give a hiker fair warning of changing weather conditions ahead. Except when dealing with extreme locations, where it may only an hour or two, or less.


  2. Gripping!
    I have watched the sorts of tornadoes where there is a a dark mass of cloud and then the funnel, but out of the bottom of that comes this ridiculous little tail which wiggles about wildly, blasting everything it touches. Petrifying. Glad I’ve been a good distance away.


  3. I have mixed feelings about developments. Change is inevitable, and sometimes, it is not for the good.
    I hope not to live in buildings again, if I have my way. They are suffocating. 🙂


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