Dive in Head First

I have found that the best way to begin a new task, or move towards a new experience, is to dive in head first. No thought required, no second-guessing, no “if” or “when”. Just do it!

Over thinking a possibility  often leads to paralysis. If I think too much about what I would like to do, I often end up not doing it. The discussion I have in my head eventually convinces me that inaction is best. And this inaction often leads to “should haves” and regrets.

Over thinking: a result of adulthood and a university education. I look at young children and see how they approach living: with a zest for life and the thrill of every new experience. They do not think of consequences. They do not have a fear of failure. Instead they move forward with curiosity and examine what is in front of them. Some with trepidation, some with assurance. And yet all with a lively interest in what is ahead of them.

How hard it is to be child-like again. And yet what rich experiences I could have. So I try to dive in. A new task? I am ready to learn. An unknown experience? I will try to move forward. At times with trepidation, at times with assurance. And at times hopefully with the grace of an experienced diver.

Do you dive head first into experiences?

(This post was inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. The prompt today is Dive). 

23 thoughts on “Dive in Head First

    1. That is a point I did not think of! Like children, we should accept without question the way God wants us to live; and to trust that He will be there when we need Him.


    1. Maybe one of the symptoms of our education? Seems as if we begin to over think as soon as we have spent a few years at school. What will this person say? What will this person think? Will it be perfect? Maybe in the doing, we can enjoy just the experience once again.


  1. Well said. If only would could have that immature brain that can’t process worst case scenarios. I am diving head first into the work force. After eighteen years it is so scary. I dove into the schooling and the job applications now it’s wait and see and more knocking on doors. The waiting is the killer, it allows those doubts to creep in.
    Good luck and enjoy whatever opportunity knock on your door.


  2. I try to dive in head first. I actually learn a lot from my dog. He doesn’t think before jumping off something. He’s taught me how to enjoy life more. You can learn valuable life lessons every day as long as you keep your eyes open. Happy Friday.


    1. Dogs are another perfect example of what we ought to be doing. They love wholeheartedly and live with zest. As you say, if we look we can see many other examples.


  3. Hi Colline
    I think the candor of childhood is a gem. Yes, if we could just always have this innocence to trust that life is good and worth living.
    Hugs XX


    1. And to trust that what we will experience is good for us. So often we focus on the possible negative consequences of our actions that we do not see the positive.


  4. I over think. This is something I’m working on. Learning to be ‘present’ seems to help quite a bit. I am seeing this everywhere now and wish I had noticed it sooner. Makes sense, really.


    1. You are right – living in the present makes it easier. Makes me think of the phrase “carpe deim” – seize the moment, and live each day as if it is your last.


  5. I stick around the edges, put my toe it to test it out. Walk away, do the same thing again, over and over again, and then I make the decision to just do it and don’t stop until it is done.


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